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Highlights de SOLEIL 2022

Découvrez dans ce document une sélection des résultats remarquables obtenus par nos utilisateurs et nos équipes. Ils nous permettent de rester optimistes pour l’avenir, malgré un contexte difficile lié aux conséquences de l'invasion de l'Ukraine par la Russie, qui nous a conduit à nous adapter en prenant différentes mesures visant à réaliser des économies d’électricité. Ces mesures n'ont cependant pas eu d'impact immédiat sur les recherches menées à SOLEIL, comme en attestent le nombre de projets acceptés par les comités de programme et le nombre d’expériences menées sur nos lignes de lumière.

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Au sommaire :


18-19 Early Alterations of Diabetic Mouse Aortas Revealed by X-ray micro-CT
20-21 NACDDB: Nucleic Acid Circular Dichroism DataBase
22-23 Discovery of a uranium- and iron-binding PepSY protein involved in uranium tolerance in bacteria
24-25 Towards routine 3D characterization of intact mesoscale samples by multi-scale and multimodal scanning X-ray tomography
26-27 Crystallographic snapshots of a multimetal enzyme from the microbiome reveal mechanistic tricks in radical SAM enzymes
28-29 The structure of iC3b-CR3 αI reveals how complement receptor 3 recognizes opsonized surfaces
30-31 The first step of the biosynthetic process of Fe-S clusters assembly revealed by X-ray absorption spectroscopy
32-33 SpoT-fying the bacterial stringent response


38-39 Broadband infrared study of pressure tunable Fano resonance and metallization transition in 2H-MoTe2
40-41 Visualizing moiré electronic structures of twisted bilayer WSe2 in both momentum and position space
42-43 Visualizing Giant Ferroelectric Gating Effects in WSe2/BiFeO3 Heterostructures
44-45 Tracking the spatial distribution of Fe and Co cations in the core-shell structure of spinel@wüstite nanoparticles by XAS/XMCD and DANES
46-47 First experimental evidence of oxygen ordering in dilute titanium-oxygen alloys
48-49 Evidence of a universal magnetic order, precursor of the superconducting phase in BaFe2X3 (X=S, Se) spin ladders
50-51 New insights into transition metal K-edge XMCD for molecular magnetism
52-53 Revealing complex antiferromagnetic textures at the surface of a multiferroic single crystal of BiFeO3
54-55 Purer color for TV screens


60-61 Investigating the origin of the instability of Cadmium Yellow paint in Pablo Picasso’s Femme
62-63 Origin of red and orange coloration in Roman glass tesserae
64-65 Exploring the effects of synchrotron irradiation on ancient Egyptian pigments


70-71 Soil crusting: new insight from 2D μXRD mapping of clay-particle orientation and mineralogy
72-73 Detecting Ketohydroperoxides in Ethylene Ozonolysis with Synchrotron-based PEPICO Spectroscopy
74-75 Cost-effective synthesis of Mg-Fe LDHs for a biochar-based composite aimed at mine water remediation
76-77 From the lithosphere to the lower mantle: an aqueous-rich metal-bearing growth environment
78-79 Using X-ray absorption spectroscopy to characterize the mineralogy of iron-rich precipitates
80-81 Distant formation and early evolution of the carbonaceous asteroid Ryugu


86-87 Resolution of the cationic distribution in synthetic germanite by a combinatorial approach
88-89 Improving bis (pentafluorophenoxy) Silicon phthalocyanine based thin film electronics through correlation of molecular orientation and film morphology
90-91 Self-organization properties of low band gap polymers: Influence of the side chain structure
92-93 Cationic local fluctuations in uranium-based oxides coming from severe accidents in nuclear reactors
94-95 Probing minute levels of S-O exchange at the active sites of MoS2 based HDO catalysts by MES-XAS
96-97 Sequential oxidation and spontaneous reduction of vanadium in KxVPO4F1-yOy positive electrode materials
98-99 In situ X-ray study of the synthesis of TiS2 prepared by an Atomic/Molecular Layer Deposition route
100-101 Operando GIAXRD & electrogravimetry: insight into crystal structure changes during redox processes


106-107 Ring-Opening Dynamics of the Cyclopropyl Radical and Cation
108-109 Electronic Structure of biomolecules in aqueous solution studied by photoelectron spectroscopy


112-113 A new high throughput X-ray spectroscopy detector system developed for synchrotron applications
114-115 How to achieve high EUV efficiency, high spectral resolution, and broad spectral bandwidth?
116-117 Research & Development for SOLEIL and SOLEIL II
118-119 Development and operation of the 2.8 T permanent magnet Superbend for the ROCK beamline
120-121 Seeded free-electron laser driven by a compact laser plasma accelerator
122-123 Towards Transparent Injection with a Multipole Injection Kicker