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Proposal Evaluation

SOLEIL operates a peer review evaluation for the allocation of beamtime for non-proprietary research (Peer Review Committees).
Proposals are reviewed and ranked by the PRCs on the basis of their scientific and/or technological quality and also on the basis of the synchrotron radiation use relevance.
Then SOLEIL Board of Directors validates the PRCs’ review results.

Ranking and evaluation of proposals

Evaluation results

After each Review Committee meeting, main proposers will be informed of the decisions taken by SOLEIL Board of Directors.
When beamtime is allocated, the main proposer will receive notification by email from the SOLEIL Users Office, informing him/her of the number of allocated shifts.
If beamtime has not been allocated, a brief report will be sent justifying  the decision.

Results will be communicated to users after each evaluated session as follow:

* about December 15th for Call for Proposals with dead line is on September 15th

* about May 15th for Call for Proposals with dead line is on February 15th