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After the experiment

Departure from SOLEIL

Before leaving the beamline, please complete with the following regulations :

Cleaning of the beamline and experimental areas (hutches, …) in order to leave them as clean as there were when you arrived ;

Wastes collection (to be defined with the local contact) ;  

Preparation for samples and equipment shipping ;

Signature to close the beamline and key deposit to the experimental hall coordinator ;

Badge restitution at the reception desk (guard room).

End of run report

As soon as the experiment is over, we kindly ask the main proposer to fill in a short end of run report about his/her satisfaction concerning the experiment and the stay available in the SUN set at the following address:

End of run report

section "Proposal Management", "End of Run Reports", function, then select the proposal number.


Experimental report

For any project submitted to Peer Review Committee, an experimental report must be written in English and submitted into the SUN set, at the following address:

Experimental report

After using his/her LOGIN and PASSWORD, the Main Proposer or the BAG coordinator, has to select in the top menu:

Proposal Management => After experiment,

Then, select the proposal to submit your experimental report.

Failure to provide such a report may prevent the proposers from being allocated beam time for the continuation of the proposal or for a new proposal.




For non-proprietary research performed at SOLEIL, the results must be published in open literature.

For each publication related to a proposal, please:

  • Mention the beamline on which you obtained data, as well as the corresponding proposal number(s),
  • Acknowledge assistance from SOLEIL beamline staff and/or each person for their help, according to the following model:

"We acknowledge SOLEIL for provision of synchrotron radiation facilities and we would like to thank "XXXXX" for assistance in using beamline "YYYY"."

Please send a reprint to the SOLEIL library.

As soon as a publication* related to a proposal is accepted, you should communicate the references through the SUN set.
The procedure to forward your(s) publication(s) to SOLEIL is the following:

• Using his/her LOGIN and PASSWORD, the Main Proposer or the BAG coordinator, should select in the Top Menu:

=>“Proposal Management >> After experiment >> Publication

Then fill in the references and enclose if possible the reprint,
When the references are completed, select the appropriate proposal.

* Please attach only publications related to an experiment carried out, completely or partially, at SOLEIL.

Note that your publication record is made available to the peer review committee members.

Last update, September 2021