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Our information documents are aimed at ages 12 and over, and provide explanations about the scientific work carried out at SOLEIL. They are available for download.

You can also order by mail the printed versions free of charge.

SOLEIL in a nutshell


What does SOLEIL do? How does a synchrotron radiation centre work and what is it used for? Who comes to SOLEIL, and what do they do there? ...

The future of SOLEIL


Twenty years after the creation of SOLEIL, both science and the role of a research infrastructure have evolved considerably. SOLEIL must adapt to the new fields of investigation that have emerged in recent years. 
Find out more about SOLEIL II, the synchrotron facility's upgrade project, which will enable us to meet the challenges facing our society.

SOLEIL's Highlights


Browse the electronic version of this collection of selected outstanding scientific results, obtained at SOLEIL during the previous year.

"Waves and daily life" brochure


16 pages to understand how a mobile phone, a microwave oven, a touch screen, a Blu-Ray reader work... In all, a dozen objects from our daily lives, which all work using electromagnetic waves.

A series of six learning packs


Each one includes a teachers' document, a students' document and a poster, and are for secondary school students, their teachers or anyone who loves science.


Synchrotron light: What are the devices and physical phenomena used to emit synchrotron light? An educational introduction to the synchrotron sources (Pack in French only. 12 pages. Poster available in English.)


Magnetism: What were the first magnetic objects? How did understanding of this phenomenon develop over the centuries? How does synchrotron radiation allow us to study it and what are its applications? (Pack and poster in French only. 24 pages)


Optics: What optic devices are used to direct light, concentrate it and select a wavelength? Do they all involve the same technology? (Pack in French only. 20 pages. Poster available in English.)


Sciences of the Universe: What is inside the Earth? Where does life come from? How can we get to know the interstellar environment? A few elements to provide answers in a field that calls for a wide range of skills. (Pack in French only. 24 pages. Poster available in English.)


Vacuum or Nothingness: A pack with a double theme – technological and historical – via a journey through time, from the Ancient Greeks to today, concluding with the "ultra vacuum" systems used in the big accelerators. (Pack and poster in French only. 24 pages)


The synchrotron and its lights: A summary of the ideas presented in the five previous packs, completed by information about the analytic techniques applied on a synchrotron and through examples of studies carried out at SOLEIL.
Available in four languages: French, English, Spanish, German. (36 pages) 


Health: Transdisciplinarity is at the heart of this learning package. You will discover how analysis techniques involving synchrotron radiation lead to major advances in the health field. The printed version (36 pages) is available free of charge upon request, the electronic version online (48 pages) is enriched with an additional part presenting other non-synchrotron techniques used in this field.