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Research & Development


The design and construction, and today the operation of SOLEIL's beamlines and accelerators relies on the work of technical support groups: Optic, Detectors, Mechanical engineering, Electronics, Computing, Alignment and Metrology, Magnetism, Power supplies, Ultra-high vaccum, Diagnoses, Radiofrequency, ... These groups conduct many Research & Developments programs, in-house or in collaboration with other laboratories or companies, to provide SOLEIL's users with experimental facilities that rank among the most competitive in the world.

Their objectives: develop cutting edge equipments, tailored to the scientists' needs and constraints.

Technological advances


Since the design, then construction and today operation phases of SOLEIL's, the Research & Developments program conducted by the support groups and the beamlines lead to many technological advances.

Improvement of the performances of the accelerators, cutting edge optic devices on the beamlines, more and more performing detectors, ... Some of these innovations are subject of industrial partnerships et technology transfers.

User supports


SOLEIL is present beside the users to help them prepare and carry out their experiments, thanks to the equipment and expertise of the teams of several laboratories located in the synchrotron building, close to the beamlines.


The Data Reduction and Analysis Group (GRADES) provides support to users for the treatment of their experimental datasets.

Optical Metrology Laboratory


Accredited by COFRAC in 2022, the Optical Metrology Laboratory (LMO) is responsible for characterizing the optics (mirrors and gratings) mounted on Synchrotron SOLEIL beamlines.

The laboratory has a dedicated suite of instruments for surface mapping, including optical profilometers, interferometers, atomic force microscopes, and wavefront analyzers. 

LMO services are also available to industrial partners through SOLEIL Industry Liaison Office.