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User supports

SOLEIL is present beside the users to help them prepare and carry out their experiments, thanks to the equipment and expertise of the teams of several laboratories located in the synchrotron building, close to the beamlines.

Biology laboratory


The biology laboratory, classified P2, provides support to users for the preparation of their experiments and to researchers of SOLEIL in the field of health, biology.

Chemistry laboratory


Two laboratories are available at the Synchrotron SOLEIL.

Their mission is to ensure a technical and scientific support to the users for the sample preparation as part of experiences on the beamlines. They also supply to the SOLEIL scientists infrastructures and the necessary equipment to the specific research projects in the field of chemistry.

Surface laboratory


The Surface Laboratory provides apparatus to users, permitting to carry out complementary analyses on samples in the context of a project on one of the beamlines of SOLEIL.

Microfluidics laboratory


The microfluidics laboratory of SOLEIL (MF Lab) is dedicated to the fabrication and analysis of microfluidic systems that are compatible with beamlines applications. It provides microfabrication instruments as well as analysis tools at the micron scale, in a clean room dedicated to such experiments.

Scientific Data Analysis


The Data Reduction and Analysis Group (GRADES) provides support to users for the treatment of their experimental datasets.