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SOLEIL Data Management Policy

As « Modern Science builds on extensive scientific dialogue and advances by improving earlier work »1, SOLEIL is encouraging its Users and Scientists to produce FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) data.

SOLEIL aims to facilitate this with data management services for storage and retrieval of experimental data and associated metadata collected and/or stored at SOLEIL. This also implies the definition of a framework to access these data and metadata.

Please find, here below, SOLEIL Data Management Policy and SOLEIL SUN set Privacy Statement (GDPR)


SOLEIL Data Management Policy


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SOLEIL SUN set Privacy Statement

(This text is meant to be modified Last update, 30/05/2024)


SUN set and the GDPR

On 25 May 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force.  The GDPR strengthens the rights that individuals have regarding personal data relating to them.

We are committed to GDPR compliance and remain committed to providing robust privacy and security protections across our systems.


Use of your personal data

We use the personal data provided by you when you register for an account in the SUN set for the purposes of administering your proposal, experiment and/or visit and operating the facility for the benefit of the user community. This includes organisation of site entrance, onsite restaurant and guest house uses, travel and accommodation where relevant, and reimbursement of costs, where relevant. It also includes using your email address to send you important information concerning the operation of the facility, as well as to inform you about user-specific SOLEIL events and relevant scientific community announcements, and to enquire about your use of the SOLEIL facilities.

We also use the data to create the statistics and reports that are required of us by our contracting parties to meet our obligations for public accountability and the dissemination of information.

SOLEIL may share mailing addresses with third parties, in order to undertake non-commercial actions such as surveys, statistics in SOLEIL’s interest.

Similarly, SOLEIL may share mailing addresses with Synchrotron SOLEIL User’s Organisation (S2UO) and with national user’s organisation (AFURS).

In any case information will be deleted after actions completed.

Your IP address is stored in our log files to prevent and detect inappropriate use of our systems and to follow up on technical issues.

High level metadata might be published as part of our open data policy.

We don’t sell your data to third parties. Your data may be shared with other organisations outside of SOLEIL, only to enable administration and delivery of the services you request. For example, we will share information with taxis, hotels, airlines etc. as is necessary to deliver the travel and accommodation services you request.


Your account

The data are stored electronically.

Your SUN set account is strictly personal, and your login and password must not be shared.

You may modify your personal data at any time in your account information. You may also erase non-mandatory data from your account at any time.



Please indicate your consent to use the SUN set in the SUN set user account. Disagreement will result in the deactivation of your user’s account or in the non-creation of a new user’s account.


Account Deactivation

1-Users’ accounts can be deactivated at any time by revoking your consent to this privacy statement in the SUN set.

If your user’s account is deactivated, you will no longer be able to avail of the services provided by the SUN set and it will no longer be possible for you to be added as co-proposer in a proposal submission or as participant to an experiment. We will, however, still use part of your user’s account information to process and report on already existing proposals, experiments, visits and user demographics as required by our funding bodies.

2- User’s account is automatically deactivated if it has been inactive for 5 years. But it can be reactivated by a specific request to the SOLEIL User Office.

Creating a new account may result in the loss of projects as there is no link with the old account.

3-Beyond 10 years of inactivity, the user’s account will no longer be possible to reactivate.


The Data Reduction and Analysis Group (GRADES) Services


The Data Reduction and Analysis Group (GRADES) gives support regarding scientific software, methodologies and computing resources to

  • help to prepare experimental projects,
  • bring a wide set of software and methodologies during experimental beam-time,
  • provide access to software and computing resources to treat the acquired data.

Our services are available to all scientists that already came at SOLEIL, or have a validated participant list for an experiment. Use your SUNset ID.


Data Analysis Remote Treatment Service (in your browser) with access to data and many pre-installed software. More… (
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