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Access mode

Access to SOLEIL beamlines is open to scientists coming from all over the world.
SOLEIL deals with proposals submitted by scientists from academic institutions as well as researchers and engineers from commercial organisations and private companies. Access may be of two kinds:
- Free of charge for users whose results are open for publication (mandatory) and whose proposal has been evaluated by a Peer Review Committee.
- With charge for admission for users requesting rapid access and/or confidentiality without peer review process and keeping the proprietary of their results.

SOLEIL offers a large ranger of access modes to ensure that different needs of users can be met:

Standard projects

The beamtime is evaluated by peer review committees and allocated to users on a six-month cycle with two calls for proposals each year.


BAG (Block Allocation Group) proposals

BAG Submission is only available during calls with the deadline of September, 15th.

There are two types of BAG at SOLEIL:

- MX/Bio SAXS BAG proposal: for Macromolecular crystallography experiments on PROXIMA 1 and/or PROXIMA 2A, and/or for Small Angle X-ray Scattering experiment on SWING:
*NEW* Duration: 2 years, beamtime allocation period from March 1st, YEAR N to February 28th, YEAR N+2.

- NON MX / Bio SAXS BAG proposal: for other fields if the beamline offers this access mode.
Duration: 1 year, beamtime allocation period from March 1st, YEAR N to February 28th, YEAR N+1.

In order to facilitate BAG shifts allocation and management, SOLEIL Board of Directors has decided to open call for BAG proposals only on odd calls; so that the beamtime allocation period will cover the entire year. 

(Last update: August 2nd, 2017)


Rapid access

A very limited number of projects may be accepted as rapid access for urgent work.


Long term projects

SOLEIL is considering impleting long term projects over a two-year or three-year period, for research programs development.


Access with charge for admission

For any information, please contact the Industry and Societal Priorities Office (GRIVAL).