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Preparing your experiment (administrative)

Practical issues

Documents to provide via SUN set and formalities to carry on

The main proposer has :

1- If necessary, to apply for SOLEIL laboratory(ies) access on-line in the SUN set (cf. Applying for support laboratory section);

2- To apply for access to infrastructures and data-processing network on-linein the SUN set in the “Apply for Access” function (cf. Access to infrastructures and Access to the data-processing network sections);

3- To declare each sample or each sample family, together with the substances (cf. Sample and substances declaration and safety requirements);

4- To have declared the eventual ancillary equipment brought in (cf. Ancillary equipments declaration).

All participants have:

5- To complete the safety training on line;

6- Organize travel and accommodation;

7- Print, fill in and sign the user declaration and give it to the entrance;

8- Internal rules (in French)

This is to remind you that :

- Apart from exceptional circumstances or CEO specific agreement, people under 16 years old cannot have access to SOLEIL site (including the Guest House), except for the reception building.

- In case of a breach of company regulations, especially for safety issues, the SOLEIL user may be banned from accessing the establishment, without prejudice to the penalties applicable within the company or organization on which it depends (cf. Article 18 – Indent 3).



To contact SOLEIL User Office


The user Office team is looking forward to helping you, for any queries or complementary information:

Working hours are (from Monday to Friday): 
8:30 - 17:30 
Office A1.0.06, Main Building
SOLEIL User Office 
Division Expériences 
L’orme des Merisiers 
St Aubin - BP 48 
91192 Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex 
Sylvie PAVAN 
33 1 69 35 96 51 
33 1 69 35 96 90 
Frédérique FRAISSARD 
33 1 69 35 96 52