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Access request

Applying for access to SOLEIL


At least 3 weeks before the arrival at SOLEIL, the main proposer has to apply for the following necessary accesses:

  • Possible, access to the support laboratory(ies) facility(ies) : like Chemistry Laboratories, Biology laboratories, Surfaces Laboratory, High Pressure laboratory or for experiments in cultural heritage field, the ancient materials preparation room can be required.
  • Access to SOLEIL infrastructures and the data-processing network,

In filling on-line ‘a form’ in the functions “apply for access”, which is available in the SUN set, for all the participants (*) to the experiment, mentioning dates of arrival and departure.

For protein crystallography experiments, the delay is shorted to 15 days.
(*) The main proposer has to point out the participants whose expenses are covered by SOLEIL, within the limit of 3 participants per project (French home institutions only, cf SOLEIL Financial Assistance).


Access to infrastructures
Users are welcomed to SOLEIL 24 hours a day at the reception building (guard-room).
As the admission at SOLEIL is secured, safety agents will reserved the right to authorize the entrance on the site, only for declared participants (a listing will be given to safety agents).
Participants have to present their identity card or passport at the reception which provides them with a badge.

This badge is useful for the following accesses:

- SOLEIL site 24 hours a day

- the synchrotron building 24 hours a day

- the library

- the canteen

- the guest house and rooms, 24 hours a day

- the support laboratories facilities if requested

For specific queries, please do not hesitate to visit the Users’ Office, at opening hours from Monday to Friday, (8:30-12:30 / 13:30-17:30).


Access to the data-processing network
Thanks to the same ‘form’ applying for access, the main proposer requests the opening of a user account (Linux or Windows).

Please, read the "Network and computing requirements"section, and the "User Computing Charter" before applying for access.



Applying for support laboratory(ies) facility(ies) access


If you have mentioned your intention to use one or several SOLEIL Support laboratory(ies) facility(ies), when applying for beamtime, you will be invited to get in touch with the laboratory(ies) manager(s).
Then, 1 month before your arrival and no later, and before to declare the participants, you should confirm your access request, on-line in the SUN set ("Experiment Management" section, "Support laboratory Access" function) and precise your needs according the laboratory you request.
For details see the corresponding support facility laboratory.

These laboratories enable you:

  • To prepare on site samples,
  • To carry out complementary tests, etc ...

In order to prepare your experiment and your accommodation at SOLEIL, you should also read carefully:

Forward us documents to provide and achieve formalities to do.

Please, refer to administrative issues to take into account reimbursement rules and reimbursement procedures.
Also details on how to come to SOLEIL are available on this section.