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The experiment scheduling depends on  PDF icon Calendrier machine (235.67 KB) which gives the available beam-time dedicated to beamlines.
The beamline manager tries, as much as possible, to take into account your preferred dates and unacceptable periods (declared while submitting the proposal to SUN set), schedule your experiment and send you an invitation. He communicates also the name of the local contact or responsible of equipment who assists the users in the experiment.

Contact with the Beamline team


The main proposer is encouraged to get in touch with the local contact or the responsible of the equipment when nominated.

The local contact is a member of the beamline staff.
This contact can help you in:

- ­preparing the beamline equipment (set up within the defined standard),
- ­in setting up the samples environment,
- providing specific help if necessary.

The Main proposer should inform the local contact, well in advance of the time of his experiment, of any special requirements for the proper execution of the experiment.
The expectation of collaboration between the users and the local staff (and/or the Beamline Manager) and subsequent acknowledgement should be made clear before the experiment.