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Network and computing requirements

We recommend you to read carefully the user computing charter before your arrival.
We remind you that the main proposer will have to request the opening of a user account (Linux or Windows).
A login and a password will be allotted by defect, to allow the user to connect himself to the Experiences network of SOLEIL and to achieve the following operations during his stay:

Web navigation and to consult his email,  

  •  to recover or to post treat its data,  
  •  to print, …

He/she will have the choice:

  •  to use the computers at his disposal on the beamline or in the users self-service office (Library); 


  •  to connect himself with his lap-top computer.

In this case, the preliminary identification of the lap-top computers brought is mandatory (IP address and/or MAC address to indicate in the form to apply on-line for access in the SUN Set).

The WiFi network is available with your personal lap-top in the Guest House, meeting rooms, Auditorium and library. Choose the “Guest” network and connect yourself with your SUN set ID and password.



User computer charter


Use of Synchrotron SOLEIL Information Systems is restricted to a personal and non-transferable access right.
Every user is responsible for the use of computer resources for which he is granted access to.
He must enforce SOLEIL IT Systems general security rules, notably by respecting the following recommendations:

  • Choose secure passwords, never divulge them to third parties. 
  • Disconnect or lock your session when leaving your workstation. 
  • Backup your data using personal devices or SOLEIL provided service. 
  • Protect your personal workstation with antivirus software, updating it on a daily basis. 
  • Do not provide access to SOLEIL systems or networks to unauthorized users through there sources you use. 
  • Follow current rules within SOLEIL pertaining to software installation or connection of any device to the network.

Users are also reminded that:

It is forbidden to use SOLEIL computer resources, including Internet and e-mail services, outside your domain of activity, in particular for private, profitable or playful purposes.  

The user makes a commitment not to disturb normal behaviour of network and computer systems, be it through abnormal use of equipment, subversion of security systems, or introduction of malicious software (viruses, trojan horses, logical bombs...).  

For maintenance and technical management purposes, usage of hardware or software resources, as well as network communications, can be monitored and analysed, in accordance to French applicable legislation.