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Biology laboratory

The biology laboratory, classified P2, provides support to users for the preparation of their experiments and to researchers of SOLEIL in the field of health, biology

The biology laboratory is a facility to

  • users for the preparation and characterization of biological samples previous to their experiments at the beamlines
  • the researches at SOLEIL in the molecular and cellular biology and biochemistry fields (Section scientifique : Biologie, santé, Heliobio)


  • Common to 5 beamlines : DISCO, PROXIMA-1, Proxima-2A, SMIS and SWING
  • Security access by badge
  • Open 24h/24h to external users/scientists who apply for
  • The laboratory group will be present only at working hours. However, red classified experiments need the present of a biology laboratory or beamline scientist. In that case their disponibilities has to be verify before user’s arrival

Common laboratory equipment and consumables

  • Cold room
  • Hood
  • Safety cabinet (acids/bases and solvents)
  • Benches
  • Sinks
  • Autoclave
  • Lab washer
  • Ice machine
  • Microwave
  • Freezer -20° et -80°
  • Balance (precision 10mg)
  • Balance (precision 1/100mg)
  • Vacuum pump
  • Micropipettes
  • Ultra pure water
  • pH meter
  • Shakers, mini spin
  • Water bath
  • Burner
  • Hot plate stirrer
  • Vortex
  • Glassware (beaker,…)
  • Small materials (tubes,…)
  • Safety equipment (gloves,…)
  • Reagents/Solvents
  • Gas

Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Equipment

  • Thermal cycler
  • Electrophoresis system
  • Blotting system
  • Speed vac
  • Bacteriological oven
  • High performance centrifuge
  • Micro-centrifuges
  • Sonicator
  • Orbital shaking incubator
  • FPLC
  • Imaging system
  • Spectrophotometer UV/Vis


The laboratory staff will provide scientific (advice/experience) and technical support (faisabilité/setting up of experiments). They will make available to the users the classical equipments and materials of a biology laboratory.

Access application

  • At the proposal submission in SUN set, a specify requirement of the biology laboratory has to be declared by the main proposer.

    If the project is accepted, the main proposer must contact the laboratory manager.

  • At least one month before the arrival the main proposer confirms the access request, on-line on SUN set and details the needs: 

    - planning activities to be carried out in the laboratory 
    - scientific equipment to be used among available ones 
    - biological and biochemical materials to be used
    - request for technical support

    Validation of the application will be done by the laboratory manager.

Safety requirements

  • All samples and biological and biochemical materials necessary for sample preparation have to be declared on-line (cf. "samples and substances declaration" section). 
  • Only biological and biochemical materials approved by the safety group of SOLEIL synchrotron can be used.
  • Each sample must be identified and must have been specifically declared according to its nature (cf. Samples and substances declaration).
  • Each sample or handled biological and biochemical product has to be labelled. The following information has to be mentioned: 

- the name of the product
- the date
- the name of the project and phone number of the person to be contacted.  

  • Warnings and indications in the laboratory must be respected.
  • Individual protection against biohazardous substances must be used for any handling (lab-coats, gloves, glasses, closed shoes and working under fume hood if necessary).
  • Handling biohazardous chemicals alone in the laboratory is forbidden.
  • Biological and biochemical wastes must be disposed of in suitable containers (separation of flammable products, acids, basics, solvents, carcinogenic, harmful or toxics substances…)
  • Any drinking or any eating in the room is forbidden

 Research projects:

Replicative complex in Paramyxovirus family: Pneumovirus, Metapneumovirus and Respirovirus. 


Félix Rey, Structural Virology
Institut Pasteur (Paris)

Jean-François Eléouët, Molecular Virology and Immunology 
INRA (Jouy-en-Josas) 

 Recent Publications: 

Tran TL, Castagne N, Bhella D, Varela PF, Bernard J, Chilmonczyk S, Berkenkamp S, Benhamo V, Grznarova K, Grosclaude J, Nespoulos C, Rey FA, Eleouet JF. 
J Gen Virol. 2007 Jan; 88(Pt 1):196-206