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DEELS "Diagnostics Experts of European Light Sources"

12 - 13 june 2017 SYNCHROTRON SOLEIL

The 4th edition of the “Diagnostics Expert of European Light Sources” (DEELS) workshop will take place the 12th and 13th of June 2017 at Synchrotron SOLEIL, France.


The goal of this workshop is to bring the diagnostics community together to discuss common problems, share new developments and enhance synergies between different facilities.

Don’t miss this opportunity for fruitful, fluid and pleasant exchanges on beam diagnostic topics!


There is no registration fee for the workshop, but costs of accommodation and transportation of each participant shall be covered by their home institute.

The organization of the program will be taken care of by the hosts, in collaboration with the participants. This will be done by e-mail exchanges in the months before the workshop. There will be no committees or meetings before the workshop.


Nicolas HUBERT

Head of Diagnostics and Timing Group





Contributions Day 1- Monday 12 June

PDF icon Commissioning Experience and First Results of SwissFEL Diagnostics (2.78 MB) V. Schlott
PDF icon Diagnostics for ThomX (2.61 MB) N.Hubert
PDF icon Upgrade of BPMs and SRMs for the ALBA Booster to Storage Ring transfer line (3.17 MB)

A. Olmos & A.

PDF icon Jumping Amplitudes Liberas (743.51 KB) K. Scheidt
PDF icon Status of the R&D on Cavity BPM and its readout electronics (1.97 MB) G. Franzini
PDF icon Zynq platform and related instruments (2.17 MB) P. Leban
PDF icon Problems with the BPM-buttons for the EBS (1.57 MB) K. Scheidt
PDF icon ADC behaviours in BPM applications (5.44 MB) R. Demonte
PDF icon Status of the newly installed BeamLoss Detectors (8.79 MB) L. Torino
PDF icon Improved Tune monitors (1.37 MB) B. Roche



Contributions Day 2 - Tuesday 13 June

PDF icon Experience with the standard diagnostics at the European XFEL (6.94 MB)

D. Lipka

PDF icon Bunch Length Measurements by Means of an RF Deflector at GBS Electron LINAC of ELI-NP (1.49 MB)

L. Sabato

PDF icon Spot size and energy measurements with optical transition radiation at the ELI-NP Compton source (1.62 MB)

G. Kube

PDF icon Spot size and energy measurements with optical transition radiation at the ELI-NP Compton source (3.02 MB)

M. Marongiu

PDF icon Pinholes produced by LIGA (1.05 MB)

L. Bobb

PDF icon Prelude Screen (255.23 KB)

L. Bobb

PDF icon fill Pattern Monitor (390.25 KB)

L. Bobb

PDF icon in Air Xray Detector at SOLEIL (2.95 MB)

M. Labat

PDF icon Vertical Emittance Feedback (738.98 KB)

S. Gayadeen

PDF icon Bunch resolved beam size monitor for BESSY-VSR (2.59 MB)

j-G Hwang

PDF icon Stripline Design for the ThomX tranverse feedback (2.76 MB)

M. El-Ajjouri


Participants List

Workshop Pictures






By Plane

2 Airports

Orly Airport located at 26 km from SOLEIL

CDG Airport located at 35 km from SOLEIL

By Public Transports

 From PARIS and CHARLES-DE-GAULLE Airport, RER B direction to SAINT-RÉMY-LÈS-CHEVREUSE and stop at:

- "MASSY-PALAISEAU" station - BUS n°91-06 B ou C direction to SAINT-QUENTIN GARE, stop at “L’ORME DES MERISIERS”.

- "LE GUICHET" station - walk to the bus station, take bus n°9, direction to SACLAY, stop at "L’ORME DES MERISIERS".

 From ORLY Airport - ORLYVAL train, stop at ANTONY, take the RER B (then same as above) or BUS n°91-10 direction "Christ / N306, Saclay", stop at "L'ORME DES MERISIERS" (around 1h - end of service at 9 p.m).

By Taxi

Taxi les Ulis

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A limited number of rooms has been pre-booked at SOLEIL Guest house (single rooms). The rooms will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. PDF icon Guest House Information (338.92 KB)


The guesthouse reception desk is staffed by the Manager, from Monday to Friday, between 8:30 a.m.

and 12:30 p.m. and between 1:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.

Tel.: 01 69 35 82 00

• Outside these hours, dial 01 69 35 91 91 (entrance building).

• In principle, the rooms are only available after 1:00 p.m.

• On the day of departure, rooms must be vacated before 10:00 a.m.

• If necessary, your luggages can be left at the reception desk for few hours.

• Smoking is prohibited throughout the facility (rooms included).

For the participants willing to lodge at SOLEIL Guest House, the room (single room) will be charged to them with up to 30€ including taxes without breakfast.


Those who wish to lodge elsewhere must book their rooms on their own. 

 List of other hotels (non exhaustive) :

Hôtel Le Chevalier des Balances - near SOLEIL
Place de la Mairie - 91190 SAINT-AUBIN
Tél.: +33 (0)1 69 41 20 55 - Fax: +33 (0)1 69 85 50 75

Hôtel Le Village**
4 rue Neuve - 91190 GIF-SUR-YVETTE
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Hôtel d'Orsay - near RER B Station "Le Guichet"
2 rue François Leroux - 91400 ORSAY
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Hôtel B&B
Plateau du Moulon - 91190 GIF-SUR-YVETTE
Tél.: +33 (0) 892 78 80 91 - Fax: +33 (0)1 69 35 34 59

Hôtel Résidhome Massy****- near TGV station Massy and RER B Station "Massy-Palaiseau"
7 rue Christophe Colomb - 91300 MASSY
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Hôtel du Lion** - in Paris, near RER B Station "Denfert-Rochereau"
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Hôtel de Senlisse** - in Paris, near the RER B Station "Luxembourg"
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Should you have any specific accommodation requirements or questions, please contact


Synchrotron SOLEIL

L'Orme des Merisiers

Rond point du Golf de Saint Aubin
91190 Saint Aubin 

Tél. _


Latitude : 48.711922
Longitude : 2.146156 
Intersection between RD306 and D128

For scientific queries and administrative issues

Postal address:

Société civile Synchrotron SOLEIL
L'Orme des Merisiers
Saint-Aubin - BP 48

Geographical address:

L’Orme des Merisiers
roundabout of St Aubin
91190 Saint-Aubin, FRANCE

Location coordinates:
Latitude: 48.711922
Longitude: 2.146156
intersection between RD306 and D128 


For any further information please contact