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Motion Control Applications in large Facilities Workshop - 8th of October, 2017 - Barcelona, Spain

le 8 octobre 2017 Barcelone, Espagne

Organised by: Yves-Marie Abiven (SOLEIL), Christer Engblom (SOLEIL), Brian Nutter (DLS), Nader Afshar (AS), Paul Barron (ESS), Nicolas Janvier (ESRF), Nicola Coppola (XFEL), and Guifré Cuní (ALBA)

The ICALEPCS MOCRAF workshop group has been created on to discuss about the organization of the ICALEPCS Motion Control pre-conference Workshop. Its purpose is to get feedback from attendees to make the workshop as interesting and pleasurable as possible. This group will remain alive after the workshop to be the input for the future ICALEPCS MOCRAF meeting.

Different topics can be discussed like:

  • Experiences in Robotics
  • Closed-loop control system with different feedback sources
  • Metrology – Stage evaluations, estimations, simulations, characterization methods
  • Tools for modeling motion control and mechanical systems
  • Motion control challenges: submicron positioning, continuous and synchronous motion control and data detector's acquisition

For more information, please contact Guifré Cuní.

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9:00   Introduction (1.65 Mo) Diamond Brian Nutter  


Morning Session 1

Short presentations (3")

Chair: Yves-Marie Abiven



  1 MAXIV (2.36 Mo)   Julio Lidon-Simon Nicolas Janvier
  2 Attocube Systems AG (3.59 Mo)   Ida Simon
  3 CARS University of Chicago (686.5 Ko)   Mark Rivers
  4 Faraday Motion (598.66 Ko)   Andy Joslin
  5 Science and Technology Facilites Council (974.82 Ko)   Matt North
  6 Fmb Gmbh (4.87 Mo)   Jens Rekow
  8 Observatory Science   Philip Taylor
  9 Iranian Light Source Facility (1.08 Mo)   Ali Khalilzadeh
  10 Forschungszentrum Jülich   Harald Kleines
  11 Scintifica International S.L.U. (13.26 Mo)   Juan Reyez
  13 LLNL   Rick Wilson



General Topic

  1 Feedback on the Survey to Upgrade Motion Controller at Australian Synchrotron (312.18 Ko) Australian Synchrotron Nader Afshar  
10:30   Coffee      


Morning Session 2

Motion Control Challenges

Chair: Guifre Cuni



    Experiences in Interferometric Control of Piezo Stages (12.8 Mo) DLS/Attocube Brian Nutter Nader Afshar
    Advanced Monochromator Control (9.09 Mo) and High Stability Mirror Kinematic (1.15 Mo) Fmb Berlin Jean Rekow
    Round Table & Discussion    

Motion Control and Sample Environment Automation

    Sample Changer Development for Sample Environment: Rise of the Robots (12.62 Mo) STFC Matt North
    Round Table & Discussion    
13:00   Lunch      


Afternoon Session 1

Technical Solutions in Sftware and in Low Level Hardware

Chair: Nicola Coppola



    Multi-Axis - Multi-Controller for In-vacuum Diffractometer (8.77 Mo) SOLEIL Christer Engblöm Brian Nutter
    Complex Coordinated Motion in EPICS (3.25 Mo) CARS Mark Rivers
    Round Table & Discussion    
15:30   Coffee      


Afternoon Session 2

Hardware Challenges

Chair: Nader Afshar



    Predictive Modelling and Error Budgeting (18.59 Mo) SIRIUS Gabriel Moreno / Ricardo Caliari Christer Engblöm
    Round Table & Discussion    

Experiences in Motion Control

    Round Table & Discussion