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Motion Control Applications in large Facilities Workshop 17th to 23rd October, 2015 - Melbourne, Australia

du 17 au 23 octobre 2015 Melbourne, Australie

The workshop is intended to discuss any subject related to motion control that can be shared. It follows these guidelines::

  • Experiences in motion control at the different sites: radiation damage to encoders, in house development verses industrial product, system performance validation including reliability, obsolescence management .
  • Technical solutions in software and in low level hardware: kinematic transforms, complex trajectories, protection including collision avoidance, multi-axes and multi controller synchronization, embedded and/or hosted motion features.
  • Motion control challenges: submicron positioning, continuous and synchronous motion control and data detector's acquisition, Motion Control and Sample  Environment
  • Automation: How should motion control fit into  the increasing automation demands of high throughout beamlines

The first session of the workshop aims at presenting each participants and his institutes in a short 3 minutes presentation (3 or 4 slides) and should be of the format below

Short description of the facilities' main purpose and activities.

How motion control is integrated into the activities of the institute (organization, technologies, installed base etc.)?

What are the current technical challenges or concerns in the motion control area at the facility?

What would you like to hear and get out of the workshop?


The others sessions are technical 10 minutes talk about project status, Hardware projects or Software projects.

The workshop was a success with 56 attendees from 26 countries and 16 Institutes. Also 4 trading companies contribute in these interesting exchanges.


What was achieved?

A very useful exchange of experiences, ideas and recommendations. The workshop went on until 6:30 and nearly 50 participants stayed until the end.


What next?

As a community we need to decide upon the best way to exchange ideas and information on a more regular basis.

We need to look at the format for future workshops and if we need to create more space dedicated to free discussions with fewer formal presentations

Please Find below the slides of the contributions :

Introduction Brian Nutter

Morning Session 1 :

PDF icon (5.97 Mo)

Morning Session 2 :
Afternoon Session 1 :
Afternoon Session 2 :


9:00   Introduction Diamond Brian Nutter
9:05 Morning Session 1 Short Presentations Chair: Yves-Marie Abiven Speaker
  1 Australian Synchrotron   Pierre Franco Valitutti
  2 BINP SB RAS   Dmitry Bolkhovitianov
  3 Brookhaven National Laboratory   Wayne Lewis
  4 CELLS-ALBA   Guifre Cuni
  6 CNPEM- Brazilian Synchrotron LIgnet Laboratory   Gabriel Moreno
  7 Diamond Lignt Source   Brian Nutter
  8 ESRF   Nicolas Janvier
  9 ESS   Thomas Gahl
  10 European XFEL GmbH   Nicola Coppola
  12 Paul Scherrer Institute   Dragutin Maier-Manojlovic
  14 SLAC   Shawn Alverson
  15 Synchrotron SOLEIL   Yves-Marie Abiven
  16 Meerkat telescope   Lance Williams
  17 Beckoff   Nills Burandt
  11 Helmholtz - Zentrum Berlin   Ervis Sujoti
  12 SESAME   Ibrahim Saleh
  5 Chinese Academy of Science   Peng Li
  18 Cosylab   Miroslav Pavleski
11:00 Morning Session 2 Status Updates Chair: Guiffre Cuni Speaker
  1 REVOLUTION Status SOLEIL Shu Zhang
  2 Motion Control at NSLS-II NSLS-II Wayne Lewis
  3 Status of SESAME SESAME Yazeed Momani
  4 Motion Control Challenges at ELI ELI Naylon Jack Alexander
  5 What we are doing which is a mix CLS Glen Wright
  6 Overview Of Motion Control on the KAT-7 and MeerKAT Meerkate Telescope Lance Williams
  7 Management Of Motion Control in large Scale System European XFEL Suren Karabekyan
13:30 Afternoon Session 1 Applications/Hardware Chair: Paul Barron Speaker
  1 Motion Control Application BNIP Dimittry Bolkovitanyov
  2 IcePap ESRF Nicolas Janvier
  3 Complex Kinematics and superimposed Motion PSI Dragutin Maier-Manojolovic
  4 Motion Control woth Fail Safe Requirements Forcshungszentrum Juelich Harald Kleines
  5 Challenges to control and Innovative Scanning X-Ray Nnaoprobe SOLEIL Christer Engblom
  6 PandA Motion Project, Collaboration SOLEIL and DIAMOND SOLEIL/DIAMOND Yves-Marie Abiven/Isa Uzun
15:30 Afternoon Session 2 Software Chair: Brian Nutter Speaker
  1 Adaptive Control of Scanner Aus SYNCH Nader Asfer
  2 Prototyping a Fast Shutter System using Adaptative Controls ESS Paul Barron
  3 Continuous Mode Scan HelmHolz Zentrum Ervis Suljoti
  4 First Steps with Fly Scans in Brazillian Synchrotron LNLS Henrique de Almeida
  5 Iterative Development of the Generic Continuous Scan in SARADANA ALBA Zbigniew Reszela
  6 aN epics sOLUTION that can provide a comprehensive, and high performance moto control system for use at synchrotrons and other research laboratories Aus SYNCH Mark Clift