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Motion Control Applications in large Facilities Workshop - 6th of October, 2019 - New York, NY, USA

October 6, 2019 New York, NY, USA

The ICALEPCS MOCRAF workshop group has been created on to discuss about the organization of the ICALEPCS Motion Control pre-conference Workshop. Its purpose is to get feedback from attendees to make the workshop as interesting and pleasurable as possible. This group will remain alive after the workshop to be the input for the future ICALEPCS MOCRAF meeting.

Different topics can be discussed like:

  • Experiences in Robotics
  • Closed-loop control system with different feedback sources
  • Metrology – Stage evaluations, estimations, simulations, characterization methods
  • Tools for modeling motion control and mechanical systems
  • Motion control challenges: submicron positioning, continuous and synchronous motion control and data detector's acquisition

To view the geographical representation of MOCRAF participants, click here

8h30   Fichier Introduction (1.29 Mo) Diamond Brian Nutter  


Morning Session 1

Short presentations (3")

Chair: Christer Engblom



  1 MAXIV   Julio Lidon Nicolas Janvier
  2 Fichier HZB (3.22 Mo)   Rolland Mueller
  3 PDF icon Gemini: Aura (2.35 Mo)   Matt Rippa
  4 Fichier ESRF (1.66 Mo)   Maxime Brendike
  5 Fichier UKRI/ISI (16.12 Mo)   Simon Cooper
  6 PDF icon European XFEL (55.28 Ko)   Nicola Coppola
  7 Office presentation icon Forchungszentrum Juelich (1.35 Mo)   Harald Kleines
  8 Fichier Sandia National Laboratory (5.82 Mo)   Johnson Drew
  9 University of Chicago   Mark Rivers
  10 Argonne National Laboratory   Juan Reyna
  11 PAL / POSTECH   Suh Young Jin
  12 PDF icon Synchrotron SOLEIL (762.32 Ko)   Yves-Marie Abiven
  13 Fichier Diamond Light Source (509.56 Ko)   Brian Nutter
  14 Fichier PSI/Swiss FEL (846.08 Ko)   Arturo Alarcon
  15 PDF icon PSI/Swiss FEL (833.83 Ko)   Pirayeshshirazinezhad Reza
  16 BNL   Kazimierz Gofron
  17 NSLS2   Christopher Geurrero
  18 FERMILAB   Pierrick Hanlet
  19 Office presentation icon FMB Oxford / Berlin (6.16 Mo)   Frank Leihbecher
  20 Fichier COSYLAB (1.81 Mo)   Miroslav Pavleski
  21 OMS   Philip Brown
10:00   Coffee      


Morning Session 2

Application Experiences

Chair: Yves-Marie Abiven



  15" Fichier Installing a robot mounted detector on DIAD beamline (9.01 Mo) Diamond Brian Nutter Christer Engblom
  30" Round Table & Discussion    

Motion Control and Robotic for Beamline Automation

  15" Fichier Direct Control vs Distributed Control (776.73 Ko) Farady Motion Tony Jacobs
  30" Round Table & Discussion    
  15" Summary    
12:15   Lunch      


Afternoon Session 1

Experiences in Metrology

Chair: Nicola Coppola



  5" Fichier Ignite - Precision Motion Control (6.06 Mo)   DLS ( Brian Nutter) Christer Engblom
  5-10" Fichier Key Use of Metrology in Precision Systems (1.87 Mo)   SOLEIL / ESRF Brian Nutter
  30" Round Table & Discussion    

Experiences in Modelling

  10" Stewart Platform Control in Synchrotron SOLEIL SOLEIL Christer Engblom
  10" Learning Algorithm for Motion Control ESRF Maxime Brendike
    Round Table & Discussion    
15:30   Coffee      


Afternoon Session 2

Experiences in Motion Control: Hardware Challenges

Chair: Nicolas Janvier



  15" Fichier Motion control with Beckhoff technology, multi axis systems, small drive systems, software packages (114.41 Mo) BECKOFFMr. Burandt   Yves-Marie Abiven
    Round Table & Discussion