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The INRA-SOLEIL platform was set up in 2007 for the purpose of making the scientists of INRA or its commercial partners, aware of the existence, the characteristics and the capabilities of the SOLEIL beamlines and guide them in their choice of beamline to use for their research.


IPANEMA, the European institute for the non-destructive photonics analysis of ancient materials, is a research platform, unique at the international level, dedicated to the study of ancient materials at SOLEIL.


NanoimagesX is funded within the Investment for the Future Programme at Synchrotron SOLEIL and is intended for academic and industrial users in the fields of life sciences and materials.


MICASOL is a platform open to commercial companies of all sectors in the Great East region of France who have an interest in nanotechnologies and the characterisation of materials at any scale, from the molecular to the macroscopic..


Cosmetomics is a mutual innovation platform intended for French companies in the cosmetics sector and is aimed at characterisation and measurement of the effectiveness and safety of their products.