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The INRA-SOLEIL platform was set up in 2007 for the purpose of making the scientists of INRA or its commercial partners, aware of the existence, the characteristics and the capabilities of the SOLEIL beamlines and guide them in their choice of beamline to use for their research.

Forward-looking work was performed by INRA researchers to evaluate their requirements and potential needs regarding ‘synchrotron techniques’ and  to ensure the adequacy of the SOLEIL equipment in the face of the challenges to be met by INRA in the food supply, agriculture, environment and sustainable development sectors.

Moreover, research engineers made available by the CEPIA Department (Characterisation and Development of Agriculturally Sourced Products) of Nantes INRA are full members of the teams of several SOLEIL beamlines, for day-to-day reinforcement of INRA/SOLEIL interactions.