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SOLEIL’s contribution to understanding viruses

After 15 years of opening to our users, SOLEIL takes stock of the important results obtained thanks to the beamlines during this period. Thus, we invite you to discover a series of thematic brochures presenting the major scientific contributions of Synchrotron SOLEIL to several society challenges. After the Medical Diagnosis and Prognosis, the Agro-Food sector, the Quantum Materials and Astrophysics & Astrochemistry, the 5th issue is about SOLEIL’s contribution to understanding viruses.

SOLEIL contributes to building a foundation of basic knowledge indispensable to scientists for understanding how viruses evolve and function, with the goal of developing effective, appropriate treatments.


24 pages present examples of research results, key figures as well as the particular contribution and strategic position of SOLEIL.


With a focus on...

  • Viral structures and mechanisms revealed by synchrotron beams.
  • Fighting viruses, in advance of treatments.
  • Viruses and the environment.
  • Precious viruses sources of scientific inspiration.




of the 29 beamlines at SOLEIL
are involved in this research


scientific articles have been published
on this subject since 2008


components of different viruses have been experimented on by SOLEIL