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SOLEIL's contribution to Medical Diagnosis and Prognosis

In close collaboration with hospitals, SOLEIL takes part in the design of new methods to diagnose diseases at an early stage and seeks to better understand the evolution of pathologies. Its longterm goal is to develop more adapted treatments, while reducing health expenditures.

We invite you to discover SOLEIL's contribution to these major societal challenges.

16 pages present examples of research results, key figures as well as the particular contribution and strategic position of SOLEIL.

With a focus on...

  • Kidney stones - Understanding how they develop, finding new diagnostic tools, and treating the disease to avoid dialysis and kidney transplant.
  • Hepatic steatosis - When fat builds up in the liver - Diagnosing steatosis at an early stage. Understanding the evolution of the disease at the cell level. Determining the quality of a liver transplant before transplantation.
  • Brain tumors - Providing surgeons with real-time diagnosis during tumor removal. Preserving the most important areas of the brain. Improving the survival rate and quality of life of patients who have undergone surgery.
  • Wilson disease - Being able to formulate a reliable diagnosis of the disease. Proposing an efficient, simple technique for that diagnosis.




of SOLEIL’s 29 beamlines are involved in this research..


French and foreign hospitals benefited from analyses performed at SOLEIL.


scientific articles on this topic have been published since 2006.