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SOLEIL’s contribution to understanding Quantum Materials!

More than 10 years after the opening to our users, SOLEIL takes stock of the important results obtained thanks to the beamlines during this period. Thus, we invite you to discover a series of thematic brochures presenting the major scientific contributions of Synchrotron SOLEIL to several society challenges. After the Medical Diagnosis and Prognosis and the Agro-Food sector, the 3rd issue is about SOLEIL’s contribution to understanding Quantum Materials!

Thanks to its cutting-edge instruments, SOLEIL contributes to the understanding of the phenomena at the origin of exceptional properties and, ultimately, to improving the performance of quantum materials for potential applications. In addition to this fundamental research, these materials are also analysed at the request of industrial researchers.

24 pages present examples of research results, key figures as well as the particular contribution and strategic position of SOLEIL.

With a focus on…

  • Information Storage - Increase storage density, reduce energy consumption;
  • 2D quantum materials, for tomorrow’s electronics;
  • - Transporting energy without loss;
  • Quantum Topology - Cup, donut and (among others) quantum computer.


Key Figures


of SOLEIL’s 29 beamlines
are involved in this research.


different countries have laboratories that use SOLEIL for their research.


scientific articles on this theme have been published since 2006.