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October 25th to 29th, 2021 Synchrotron SOLEIL

Diamond anvil cells (DAC) are tools allowing the exploration of a wide range of pressures (from a few kbars to several hundreds of GPa), with the possible addition of extreme temperature conditions (low or high). They are combined with a large number of characterization techniques: in situ (X-ray diffraction, spectroscopies (X ray, visible, Raman, Brillouin), luminescence, absorption (X-ray, infrared), tomography, …) or ex situ (TEM/SEM, NanoSIMS, …). These measurements are made in laboratories or large facilities (ESRF, SOLEIL, …). There’s a vast array of possible applications that concerns biology, physics, chemistry and Earth sciences.

If the basic principle of DACs is very simple, its use is delicate and requires some skills. One of the aims of this training is to teach researchers, engineers et technicians seeking to manipulate these tools the basic rules that must be observed in their preparation and use, thanks to practical work. More theoretical notions will be taught in classes, like metrology (pressure and temperature). The main techniques commonly used with DACs (characterization, sample environment, …) will be presented.

While most of the training will be done at SOLEIL, a full day of practical work will also be done at IMPMC (Paris).

A visit of the SOLEIL beamlines that use DACs is scheduled on the last day.

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Contacts :
Céline Goujon,
Nicolas Guignot,