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Science Director in Life Science

Synchrotron SOLEIL, a joint CNRS-CEA large scale facility constituted as a Société Civile Française, is recruiting its Life Science Science Director.

SOLEIL, located 20 km from Paris, located in the Paris-Saclay science and innovation campus is one of the world’s leading synchrotron light sources.

Based on a 2.75 GeV synchrotron source, the SOLEIL facility operates more than 29 beamlines, covering the full range of synchrotron techniques from IR and UV to x-rays.

SOLEIL's multidisciplinary science program covers life sciences, chemistry, physics, materials science, environmental and earth sciences or cultural heritage. It relies on developments at the forefront of synchrotron radiation instrumentation like long beamlines for nano-imaging or ultrafast photon science. International users make up a third of SOLEIL’s users community.

SOLEIL is currently engaged in the SOLEIL II project, a major upgrade of the facility. The project includes the construction of a new storage ring, which will have the highest brilliance in its category when resuming operation in 2030.The beamlines will be adapted and progressively upgraded to achieve full performance in a 10-years perspective.


The Science Director is member of the management team, currently composed of the two Science Directors, the Accelerators and Engineering Director, the Administration and Finance Director and the IT Strategy Director. He/She is under the direct responsibility of the Director General.

The two Science Directors share the responsibility of defining the scientific program to bring it at the forefront of science in the worldwide competition: in particular, they will

  • Organize the scientific life of SOLEIL.
  • Supervise the experimental division (about 200 staff members, including 80 beamline scientists).
  • Supervise the “beamlines and laboratories” program of the SOLEIL II project, including scientific strategy, instrumentation projects and beamlines adaptation and reconstruction.

One of the science directors belongs to the scientific community of Life Sciences, the other to the Sciences of Matter. They organize their work according to their respective areas of expertise and may have advisers for the most distant scientific fields.

Candidates should be internationally recognized experts in the scientific field of Life Sciences with significant experience in the management of a large scientific group or facility. Experience in a scientific field using synchrotron radiation and, more generally, knowledge of associated techniques and instrumentation would be a plus. The ability to manage a large project will also be an asset. A good knowledge of the French language as well as French institutions will be appreciated. SOLEIL grants the possibility of continuing to have a research activity, in line with the needs of the position.

General conditions

For further information about the Synchrotron SOLEIL see the website For further information about the application process:

The application process will be in two steps. A letter of interest (1 – 3 pages including a short CV, a description of abilities and motivation for the position) is to be sent to for preselection before April 30th. Preselected candidates will have to submit a complete application file.