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Seminaire Upgrade - Non-invasive three-dimensional imaging of biological tissue on the nanoscale by X-ray ptychographic tomography

16 juillet 2018 14h • Amphithéâtre de SOLEIL


(Coherent Small-Angle X-ray Scattering cSAXS beamline, Coherent X-ray Scattering Group (CXS), Paul Scherrer Institute, Villigen – PSI, Switzerland)


Using coherent X-rays in the multi-keV energy regime, ptychographic tomography provides 3D electron densitymaps of specimens with tens of microns thickness without having to physically cut them and with an isotropicspatial resolution down to tens of nanometers.

Although biological tissue offers very low contrast at theseenergies, some examples have demonstrated the feasibility of the technique for unstained cryogenically preservedsamples. In this presentation I will present recent results of biological imaging with ptychographic tomography and I will give an outlook towards the improvements expected with 4th generation synchrotron sources.


Formalités d’entrée :

Accès libre dans l’amphi du pavillon d’Accueil.
Si la manifestation a lieu dans le Grand Amphi SOLEIL du Bâtiment Central merci de vous munir d’une pièce d’identité (à échanger à l’accueil contre un badge d’accès)

Contact : Sandrine Vasseur

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