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Services and access

We will help you to define, and then respond to your requirements for characterisation of your samples as well as providing the necessary expertise in respect of your samples. Within this scope, we offer various services which extend from access to the beamlines (if you want to directly perform experiments in association with our teams) via remote access service up to complete implementation of the study with submission of an analysis report by our teams.

Our access provision

Dependent on the projects and dependent on requirements in respect of confidentiality, time-scales or ease of access, SOLEIL offers different access levels for businesses:

Calls for scientific projects (peer review committees)
  • Selection by committees of subject experts (2 calls for projects per year)
  • Free, large level of access
  • Time-scales: scheduling of the experiment 6 to 12 months after submission of the selected project
  • Obligation to publish the results

More information

Invoiced services
  • Invoicing of the time for which access to the equipment is provided and, if necessary, the time spent by SOLEIL personnel (in the event of sending of samples)
  • Access when available, as soon as the beamline is available* with the desired configuration (*N.B.: dedicated time for commercial access)
  • Minimised delays, confidentiality rules (clause in the SOLEIL offer or if necessary implementation of an NDA is possible prior to the commencement of discussions)
Research in partnership

Whether it is a instrumentation development that complements our equipment, or an R&D subject of common interest to your teams and the SOLEIL teams: any form of partnership is possible and can be discussed. It will then be a question of defining the rules for sharing of resources, results and benefits (access, instrumentation, PhD, etc.)

Please do not hesitate to contact us to express your needs or for any supplementary information.

If necessary, we can arrange a video conference with our experts at a time that is convenient to you, or a meeting with a visit of our experimental stations.


For any information:, industrial relations officer

More specifically for the scientific and technical aspects for your projects of Biocrystallography:, engineer industrial applications for Structural biology.

More specifically for the scientific and technical aspects for your projects of Materials Science, Chemistry and Crystallography:, Industrial Liaison Scientist for Materials Science, Chemistry and Crystallography

Services available

One company = three possible statuses dependent on the project

  1. Use of a beamline according to the identified technique
  2. Additional use of our supporting laboratories (specific techniques, or preparation of samples)
  3. Use of our equipment with internal sources
  4. Collection of experimental data by our teams
  5. Mail-in service for biocristallography (provision of one of our lines PX1 or PX2 and data collection by our teams)
  6. Use of a beamline equiped via the remote access : collection by the company and a SOLEIL scientist (local contact) available at any time
  7. Access for small crystal quantities for biocristallography on our beamlines PX1 or PX2
  8. Processing and analysis of the experimental data, submission of a study report by SOLEIL experts
  9. Complete service for the LIGA