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Séminaire - Illustrative Visualization and Interactive Exploration of Three-Dimensional Scientific Data

20 mai 2019 14h • Amphithéâtre de SOLEIL


(Team AVIZ, INRIA-Saclay, Université Paris-Sud, Bât 660, Digiteo–Moulon, Orsay, France)


In my talk I will introduce part of our work on illustrative visualization approaches that use abstraction specifically to allow people better understand the depicted datasets. For example, I will show approaches for automatically generating illustrations of the connectivity in the brain and for understanding this connectivity on a higher level of scale though the contraction of fiber tracks based on local similarity. With such illustrative visualizations we are able to generate images that can easily be understood also by non-experts. Yet good visualization does not end with the creation of a static data representation to be looked at. Instead, interactive exploration and data analysis is similarly essential to allow users to understand their data. In the second part of the talk I will thus talk about some of our work on the use of novel input and output devices to facilitate 3D navigation and manipulation in datasets, intuitive 3D data selection, and the creation of hybrid interaction environments that use both touch and tactile input.


Formalités d’entrée :

Accès libre dans l’amphi du pavillon d’Accueil.
Si la manifestation a lieu dans le Grand Amphi SOLEIL du Bâtiment Central merci de vous munir d’une pièce d’identité (à échanger à l’accueil contre un badge d’accès)

Contact : Sandrine Vasseur

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