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HDR-Probing the Electronic Structure of Quasi-1D Quantum-Materials

Jeudi 07 juillet 2022-14h00 Amphithéâtre SOLEIL

Probing the Electronic Structure of Quasi-1D Quantum-Materials

 Lenart DUDY
 (Ligne TEMPO, Synchrotron SOLEIL, Gif sur Yvette, France)

 Jeudi 7 juillet 2022 – 14h00
 Amphithéâtre SOLEIL

Confining a quantum system to only one spatial dimension (1D) generates enjoyable quantum fluids and instructive extremes: The low-energy properties of such 1D-confined electrons show non-Fermi liquid properties, leading to the concept of Luttinger-liquids (LL). Such systems exist in several real-world scenarios, may have relevance for practical applications (i.e., concerning the ever-shrinking lengths in integrated semiconductor circuits), and have been getting renewed interest by the discovery of quantum-spin Hall topological insulators and the concept of helical LL’s. In the presentation, I will briefly introduce the general basics of quasi-1D materials, followed by a description of experimental research on the electronic structure of four real-world solid-state systems. These are the bulk system LiMo6O17 and three surface systems Ge(001)-Au, Si(553)-Au, and SiC(0001)-Bi. Nevertheless, all being quasi-1D materials to some extent, each of them had different questions and motivations when the research set in. The progress through experiments and their connections to theoretical concepts will be discussed for each system.

Membres du jury              

Mme. D’ANGELO Marie - Institut des Nanosciences de Paris - rapportrice
M. SIROTTI Fausto - Laboratoire de Physique de la Matière Condensée IP Paris, Polytechnique - rapporteur
M. ROSSNAGEL Kai - Institut für Experimentelle und Angewandte Physik, Univ. Kiel - rapporteur
Mme. TALEB Amina - Synchrotron SOLEIL - examinatrice
M. GIAMARCHI Thierry - Dept of Quantum Matter Physics Ecole de Physique, Univ. Geneva - examinateur

Le pot aura lieu en exterieur, sans doute Oreille 4 après les délibérations

Contact : Sandrine Vasseur

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