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Resumption of visits to SOLEIL


After a long break, tours of the SOLEIL Synchrotron resume.

This photo was taken before the pandemic and the rules about distancing and wearing masks.

Due to the pandemic, a number of constraints apply, but the principle remains the same:

  • Visits are possible from Tuesday to Thursday, outside school holidays (Zone C), morning and afternoon
  • Tours are open to groups of 8 people or more, and up to 30 people at the moment
  • Our guides are not available every day of the week, so the maximum number of visitors varies. Currently, we can only accommodate larger groups (max 30 people) on Tuesday mornings and Thursday mornings
  • In order to maintain sufficient physical distance, groups are limited to 10 people per guide
  • Wearing a mask at any time of the visit and hand washing with hydroalcoholic gel is mandatory
  • Confined spaces are not accessible: tours therefore no longer include an introductory conference until further notice It is impossible to come inside the enclosed beamlines
  • Visits are therefore shorter than usual: allow between 1h30 and 2h instead of 2h30

We are welcoming new people to the team, so we look forward to welcoming larger groups like high school classes once their training period is over!

In addition, the reservation system has changed since the pandemic. Reservations are no longer made by email, but via the online reservation form: . When making your reservation, you can take tickets in sets of 10. Please always select the number of lots immediately above the size of your group. For example for a group of 12 people, reserve 20 tickets. This helps us to organize your visit as well as possible.

If you are not a group of more than 8 people, but a single person, a small group, a 3rd year internship organizer, please don’t book any random slot. Dates are reserved for you: one Wednesday afternoon per month and Thursday morning before school holidays (Zone C). The dates are indicated on the dedicated page:

If, however, you encounter difficulties in reserving a slot, you can write to, but please note that no reservations will be taken through this channel.

This photo was taken before the pandemic and the rules about distancing and wearing masks.