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International Day of Light 2022 - Visit to the SOLEIL Synchrotron


Since 2018, UNESCO has declared that May 16 is the International Day of Light. For this fourth edition, SOLEIL opens its doors and the inside of the accelerator for an evening of visits and discoveries, on May 14th, from 2:30PM to 8PM

Furthermore, the visit of the synchrotron building is prohibited for people with electronic equipment that have an impact on their health (pacemaker, insulin pump, neurostimulator for epileptic seizures, etc.), due to the presence of live magnets. Note that cochlear implants are authorized, even if the magnetic fields can cause crackling sounds without consequence. It is strongly advised not to wear stilettos as they could get stuck in the grids on the floor of the accelerator tunnels.

Programme :

  • Presentation of the research facility
  • Workshops “What is light?”: composition, properties, usage
  • Visit of the inside of the synchrotron “Tunnels of the particular accelerator”


The visit lasts approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes with a departure every 30 minutes. The visit will be held in French only. Attention: the visit is forbidden to children under 12 years old. The number of places per time slot is limited to 10 people.

During the tour, visitors will go through narrow, confined, and non-accessible spaces. An accessible tour will be given at 5PM

Registration is free but mandatory from 19 April.