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33rd European Conference of Crystallography ECM33


The 33rd edition of the European Crystallography Conference (ECM33) has just come to an end after five days of effervescent scientific meetings, in a renovated congress venue, in the immediate vicinity of "her majesty" the Château de Versailles.
Synchrotron SOLEIL was a major partner in the organization of the conference and the main contributor in terms of human resources. After a difficult start in the context of the sanitary crisis until spring, the 110 chairs, the 250 speakers and the 500 other participants finally made the sessions come alive, and crowded throughout the week: 2 plenary sessions, 15 keynotes, and 47 microsymposia.

Palais des Congrès Versailles

The conference gathered 883 registrants and received the essential support of 31 sponsors and 16 local and institutional partners (including SOLEIL). The activity around the industrial booths was never lacking, and let's believe that the impact for the industries will be positive after two years without real interactions.

Amphi Palais des Congrès Versailles ECM33

The participants came from 43 different countries, 757 delegates from Europe, 87 from outside Europe. Naturally, the French were the majority (175), followed by the Germans (120) and the English (110), then the Poles (55).

The M/F parity improves from edition to edition. At ECM33, women represented 39% of the registrants, 46% of the session chairs, and 35% of the speakers.

Three prizes were awarded during the conference: the PERUTZ prize to William CLEGG (UK), the KALMAN prize to Eric COLLET (Rennes, and SOLEIL user), and the BERTAUT prize to Lukas GAJDOS (Grenoble).

About 400 posters were presented in two sessions. Fifteen poster prizes were awarded during the closing ceremony. The SOLEIL synchrotron is happy to count two winners trained at SOLEIL and congratulates them warmly:

Beatriz BARATA, PhD student on the ROCK beamline, won the poster prize of the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC) in the field of "Chemical crystallography, including advances in instrumental, experimental or computational techniques" for her poster "Complementarity of hyperspectral XAS imaging and Raman spectroscopy for studying the impregnation and drying of supported CoMoP/ Al2O3 HDS catalysts", presented during the Microsymposium "MS37 Advances in Structure determination of new materials by multi-technique approach including imaging techniques".

Beatriz BARATA - CCDC Poster Prize ECM33

Beatriz BARATA, on the right, winner of the poster prize CCDC.


Corentin CHATELIER prepared and defended his PhD at SOLEIL, on the SIXS beamline, before moving as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at ESRF; Corentin won the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr) "Applied Crystallography" Poster Prize for his poster "In situ 3D observations of a core-shell volume transition in a Ni₃Fe nanocrystal using Bragg Coherent X-ray Diffraction Imaging", presented at the microsymposium "MS40 Operando and in-situ crystallographic studies".

Corentin CHATELIER - Prix Poster IUCr ECM33

Corentin CHATELIER, second on the left side, winner of the poster prize IUCr « Applied Crystallography »


The conference featured daily social events, all of which were equally successful: the opening ceremony, the "science slam" competition, the baroque concert, two public lectures, one in memory of Abbé René-Just Haüy for the 200th anniversary of his death, the other on scientific aspects of the restoration of the Notre-Dame-de-Paris cathedral, the "young crystallographers' mixer," the 25th anniversary of the European Crystallography Association (ECA), and the 50th anniversary of the European Crystallography Meetings, before the gala dinner on a cruise on the Seine.

The SOLEIL synchrotron can therefore be proud and pleased with the unanimous success reported by the delegates.

The next edition, ECM34, will take place in Padova (Italy) at the end of August 2024.