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SOLEIL offers a platform dedicated to optical metrology and constituted by:

• a beamline using synchrotron radiation to perform wavelength-accurate metrology of the device studied,

• an associated metrology laboratory for conventional metrology.

Calibration of the lenses and detectors

Calibration of optics and detectors

The metrology beamline is equipped with several stations to measure, in the widest part of the spectrum covered by the synchrotron, photometric parameters of optic elements such as the reflectivity of surfaces, the efficiency of diffraction gratings, surfaces scattering, or the efficiency of X-ray and X-UV detectors.
This facility is also planned for developing the instruments and diagnostics necessary for the characterization of X-ray beams (intensity, size, degree of coherence, polarization, etc).

The associated metrology laboratory uses commercial instruments or in development instruments (prototypes) for the measurement of optic components (mirrors, crystals, diffraction networks, etc.).