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Macromolecular Crystallography for industry

SOLEIL proposes dedicated services for MX industrial users. Overview of SOLEIL's offer.

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Beamlines specifications

PDF icon beamlines specifications (642.75 KB)

Different services for different needs

  • experiments of 2 hrs up to 8 hrs and more duration
  • only 1 up to a maximum of x experiments a year
  • "on-site" or "remote access" or "mail-in" experiments or a combination of the services for your annual needs

Feel free to contact us to express your specific needs.

New !!!  EXI2 now available at SOLEIL

logo EXIHighly anticipated by our industrial users, EXI2, the new version of EXI, put into production at SOLEIL, is now available on our MX beamlines, PROXIMA 1 and PROXIMA 2A.

EXI2 offers:

  • The tracking of the MX experiments in real time as in the previous version
  • A 1-click accessibility, from a direct link with your SUNset username and password
  • A new ergonomic interface for more simplicity
  • The ability to easily upload the sample sheet
  • New features to come

Watch our tutorial videos: 

tutoriel Exi2

Test EXI2 : direct link

Download the sample sheet templateOffice spreadsheet icon SOLEIL sample sheet template (34.5 KB)

New !!!  GLOBUS  a new solution for the data transfer is now operational at SOLEIL

Globus logoAfter EXI2 (the tracking service in real time for MX experiments), the GLOBUS website allowing the secure data transfer out of SOLEIL completes the panel of new services for our MX users including our clients.

Globus website is a fast way to transfer high-capacity datasets to your institution's network or your own computer.

A dedicated expert for MX industrial demands

Feel free to contact Tatiana ISABET the industrial liaison scientist for structural biology at SOLEIL for any scientific and technical question.

For any other question (contracts, quotations, agreements), don't hesitate to contact us.