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Dernière mise à jour : 20/07/2019
E.g., 23/07/2019
E.g., 23/07/2019
Zribi, B., Haghiri-Gosnet, A.M., Bendounan, A., Ouerghi, A., Korri-Youssoufi, H. "Charge transfer and band gap opening of a ferrocene/graphene heterostructure". Carbon., on line first (19/07/2019): (2019).
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Dirks, T., Dumas, T., Solari, P.L., Charbonnel, M.C. "Ruthenium nitrosyl structure in solvent extraction systems: A comparison of tributyl phosphate (TBP), tetrabutyl urea (TBU), N-methyl, N-octyl ethylhexanamide (MOEHA) and N, N, N’, N’ tetraoctyl diglycolamide (TODGA)". Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research., on line first (19/07/2019): (2019).
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