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Julie's PhD thesis - trailer!


For the first time, we are going beyond featuring an experiment conducted on one of the beamlines of SOLEIL: we invite you to follow along on the journey of a doctoral student, during the 3 years of her PhD!

Her name: Julie Gordon, chemist, PhD student at MONARIS laboratory and synchrotron SOLEIL.
Her thesis topic: to study the painted metal objects from the "Musée des arts et métiers", in order to understand their alteration and improve their preservation.Her research settings: the Musée des Arts et Métiers and collections, SOLEIL synchrotron and the MONARIS laboratory, as well as partner laboratories of the project.

To introduce you to her PhD project, named « CoPaiM » (Conservation of Painting on Metal), discover the trailer of the series and get to know Julie, her work environment, and also the film crew!

To be continued until 2021...