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Post-Doctoral : Researcher in Microfluidics For Life Sciences

Situated at the heart of the Paris-Saclay cluster, approximately 20 km from Paris, SOLEIL is the French national synchrotron radiation source. In this large research infrastructure, the scientific experiments exploit the light from synchrotron radiation from the infrared to hard X-rays. Since 2008, SOLEIL has been serving many research fields in physics, biology and chemistry with applications in Materials Science, Structural Biology, Pharmaceuticals, Environmental & Earth Sciences and Cultural Heritage. SOLEIL, overseen by the CNRS and the CEA, provides its personnel with a multidisciplinary and internationally renowned working environment.

The SOLEIL II project is an ambitious synchrotron upgrade that will produce a beam up to ten thousand times brighter and focusable down to the nanoscale, thus enabling experiments a thousand times more sensitive and rapid. SOLEIL II aims to tackle numerous scientific and societal challenges including those in advanced materials research, energy and sustainable development, health and well-being, and the environment. The launch of SOLEIL II is scheduled for 2030, with a ramp-up until 2035.

Within SOLEIL, there are 29 beamlines and support laboratories. The latter are dedicated to sample preparation and instrumentation development, which are crucial for the scientific experiments performed on the beamlines. SOLEIL's microfluidics laboratory is one such supporting facility dedicated to synchrotron applications. PROXIMA 2A is a beamline dedicated to micro-crystallography which requires innovative methods to handle micro-crystals for its experiments.

Environment and Mission:

This position for a postdoctoral scientist within the Microfluidics Laboratory (MFLab), and with a direct application in Life Sciences (Macromolecular Crystallography) on the PROXIMA 2A beamline, is a fixed-term contract of 2 years, renewable for a maximum of 2 years. It falls within the Experiments division under the responsibility of the manager for the micro-fluidic and biology laboratories for the production of microfluidic devices and the PROXIMA 2A beamline manager for the scientific project. This position provides the opportunity to advance ambitious microfluidics projects, applied to several analytical techniques offered at Synchrotron SOLEIL. The researcher will dedicate half of their time to the ongoing scientific research project on PROXIMA 2A that focuses on the development of microfluidic chips as applied to serial crystallography (SX). This involves instrumentation development at the milli/micro-fluidic scale, including chip and mixer fabrication in our dedicated facilities (cleaned room and test annex). The researcher will install the chips on beamlines -such as PROXIMA 2A- and participate in new innovative experiments. The postdoctoral scientist will interact with many technicians, engineers, and scientists from the communities represented at SOLEIL.


This position is at the core of the creation and development of microfluidic instrumentation (chips & mixers) for synchrotron beamlines. Thus, mastery of microfluidic chip fabrication techniques and their implementation is essential. Candidates should hold a Ph.D., or equivalent, in biophysics, or a related field, with a proven track record in microfluidics. Previous experience in crystallography or synchrotron research is desirable. The ability to organize, operate and ensure the smooth running of a microfluidics lab and the associated activities is essential. Solid writing and communication skills are necessary to advance projects and work with collaborators from external laboratories.

Working Conditions:

If you are seeking a Postdoctoral position in a non-profit organization based on scientific excellence, technological innovation, and industry openness, SOLEIL offers you the opportunity to:

  • Work in collaboration with dynamic, multidisciplinary, and multicultural teams,
  • Contribute to the dynamics of research and innovation in the Paris-Saclay region,
  • Collaborate with national and international experts in various scientific and technical fields,
  • Benefit from company-provided advantages: part-time telecommuting, activities of the Social and Economic Committee (CSE), etc...

Join us to seize upon an exciting professional opportunity. The position is available immediately.