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Engineer in Electronics and Numeric Systems

Located at the heart of the Paris-Saclay cluster, approximately twenty kilometers from Paris, SOLEIL is the French synchrotron radiation source. In this extensive research infrastructure, experiments rely on the use of light radiation produced by an accelerator. Since 2008, SOLEIL has been serving various fields that engage both science and industry, including physics, biology, chemistry, materials science, environment, Earth sciences, and cultural heritage. SOLEIL operates under the dual supervision of CNRS and CEA, providing its staff with a multidisciplinary and international work environment.

Context and missions

The engineer position is in the Diagnostics and Timing System group, which belong to the Accelerator and Engineering Division of SOLEIL. The Diagnostics and Timing System group is responsible of the conception, design, tests, and operation of:

  • The diagnostic systems and instrumentation to characterize and stabilize the beams of SOLEIL and SOLEIL II (intensity, transverse and longitudinal size, position, filling pattern…).
  • The timing system for the accelerators and the beamlines.

In the context of the upgrade of the accelerators (SOLEIL II), the engineer will have to conduct studies and design in digital electronics and in signal processing for the diagnostic systems.

In particular he/she will be in charge of:

  • The activities related to the electronics for the beam position monitors. Interacting with the group members, he/she will proceed with the upgrade of the beam position monitor electronic system.
  • The evolution of the orbit correction system to address the new specifications of the future machine.

He/She will have a global vision of the beam stability issues that is not limited to the storage ring, but also considering the beamlines, to propose innovative solutions for feedback systems.

Availability and reliability of the different diagnostic systems for the three accelerators of SOLEIL are critically important for an efficient use of the photon beam. The engineer will participate in the maintenance in optimal operational condition of diagnostic systems and will participate in their evolution depending on the accelerator and beamline requirements.

Required profile 

The present recruitment is addressed to candidates possessing engineering or PhD degree (or equivalent) specialized in electronics and signal processing or similar specialty (numeric systems). A minimum of three years professional experience in the study and design of electronic and software devices is strongly desired. Ability in conducting project is required with particular taste for teamwork. Autonomy and initiatives are major assets for this position. Lastly, a good level in English is essential. Successful applicant will have to represent SOLEIL at international conferences and during visits at institutes abroad.

Basic knowledge and essential skills

Additional knowledge and/or skills

  • Numeric systems: signal digitization, communication protocols, hardware/software interactions.
  • Data and signal analysis: mathematical processing, spectral analysis, and numeric filtering
  • Project management
  • Good level in English (spoken and written)
  • Feedbacks, multiple inputs/outputs system analysis
  • Analog electronics
  • Radiofrequency chain of acquisition
  • Equipment integration into a platform or infrastructure: MTCA, PCIe, Ethernet/IP

Required qualities                                             

Techniques/means used

  • Be able to evaluate in an international environment for collaborations, conferences, and publications.
  • Taste for teamwork
  • Good communication abilities
  • Autonomy and responsibility to achieve the objectives.
  • Good skills for writing summary reports.
  • FPGA design and simulation : VHDL, TCL, Vivado software suite, Modelsim 
  • Data processing: Matlab or Python (numpy, scipy, pandas) 
  • Use of Linux: scripting, basic services
  • Measurement techniques and instruments
  • Software tools: git, MS Office


This offer corresponds to a fixed-term contract.

The position is located on the SOLEIL synchrotron site (Campus Paris-Saclay, Saint-Aubin,

You may be required to travel to conferences, workshops and meetings.

The salary will be based on the general salary grid for SOLEIL and determined based on qualifications and work experience.

The position is open for people with disabilities, open for CNRS and CEA personnel, academic personnel, and other French state personnel in secondment.