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XDEP: X-ray DEtector Technologies for Physics

05th and 06th February 2024 SOLEIL Synchrotron

We are pleased to announce the Workshop XDEP: X-ray DEtector Technologies for Physics.

The workshop will be held at the SOLEIL synchrotron, Saint Aubin; from 5th to 6th of February 2024.


The aim of the workshop is to gather different communities working on X-ray detector technologies for fundamental research and industrial applications that do not often meet.

The workshop will cover all types of detectors (solid state, gaseous, cryogenic …) in different applications fields such as nuclear physics, particle physics, astrophysics, synchrotron radiation and also medical and societal applications.

The scientific program will include talks during plenary sessions as well as a poster session. The participation of young researchers is highly encouraged.


More information are available on XDEP site.
Download programme here: PDF icon XDEP_Final Programme (209.58 KB)

Registrations are closed.


The scientific committee
Esther Ferrer Ribas, IRFU/CEA
Francisco José Iguaz Gutierrez, Synchroton SOLEIL
Olivier Limousin, IRFU/CEA 
Martin Loidl, IRFU/CEA 
Stefanos Marnieros, IJCLAB
Fabienne Orsini, Synchroton SOLEIL