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Upgrade Seminar - Operando soft x-ray spectroscopy (XAS and RIXS) characterization of interfacial charge transfer in energy materials and catalysis

May 27, 2019 – 11h00 Amphitheater of SOLEIL

Jinghua GUO

(Program lead RIXS, Photon Science operation, ALS, LBNL, Berkeley, USA)


Soft x-ray spectroscopic techniques with operando capabilities offer the unique characterization in energy materials and catalysis in regards to the functionality, complexity of material architecture, chemical interactions. A particularly powerful soft x-ray technique is the resonant inelastic x-ray scattering (RIXS), which provides access to elementary excitations, such as d-d (f-f) excitations, vibrational excitations, and charge transfer effects that are critical for energy-related materials and chemical functions. Current in situ soft x-ray spectroscopy techniques (XAS and RIXS) at the ALS already provide element-specific access to local chemical states in liquids, gas-phase molecules, and at solid/liquid interfaces and solid/gas interfaces during catalytic or electrochemical reactions. I will give a brief introduction on the ALS RIXS Program and overview a number of the experimental studies that successfully revealed the catalytic and electrochemical reactions at solid/gas and solid/liquid interfaces in real time, e.g. electrochemical interface of photocatalysis and batteries. The experimental results demonstrate that the operando soft x-ray characterization provides the unique information for understanding the real reaction mechanism. Also, an extension of this method toward simultaneous spatial- (100 nm) and time-dependent (ns to µs, ms) RIXS probing of electronic and chemical dynamics is envisioned in the ALS-U strategic planning.


Entrance formalities:

Free access in the auditorium of the Reception building.
If the manifestation takes place in the main building thank you for providing an ID card (to exchange at the reception for an access pass)


Contact: Sandrine Vasseur