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Event cancelled SOLEIL Synchrotron

This year 2022 has been declared by the United Nations as the International Year of Glass ( ).

Because neutron and synchrotron x-ray based techniques plays a key role in the study of glasses and melts, we have decided to organize a dedicated workshop : “Synchrotron and neutron studies of glasses and melts”,  hold at SOLEIL synchrotron on October 13th to 14th, 2022.

This workshop targets the glass science users of synchrotron and neutron facilities from various communities: materials, geoscience, optics, cultural heritage, industry…

The goals are: i) highlight the complementarity of the different neutron and synchrotron techniques; ii) shine light on the different properties of glasses that one technique can probe; iii) promote new opportunities brought by the upgrade of the facilities.


Topics will include:

  • X-rays and neutrons complementarities
  • Glass structures
  • Liquids and melts
  • Extreme conditions (temperature and pressure)
  • Geosciences
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Data analysis
  • Facilities Upgrade



Scientific committee

Francesco D’Acapito, CNR-ESRF, Grenoble (France)
Yuriy Chushkin, ESRF, Grenoble (France)
Gabriel Cuello, ILL, Grenoble (France)
Daniel Neuville, IPGP, USTV, Paris (France)


Local Organizing Committee - Synchrotron SOLEIL

Sylvie Bonnardel
Camille Enjommet
Frédérique Fraissard
Myrtille Hunault
Jean-Marc Lucacchioni
Nicolas Trcera
Stéphanie Yao


For any question, please contact :