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École d’Initiation à la Spectroscopie d’Absorption X

June 11-14, 2019 Université de Montpellier

X-ray absorption has become an essential tool for structure determination in several research fields (chemistry, catalysis, material science, geology, pharmaceutics, environmental sciences). To provide tuition to such a broad scientific audience, the school "Initiation à la spectroscopie d'absorption X" is annually organized in Montpellier. This school will take place at Université de Montpellier from June 11 to 14, 2019. The aim of the school is to provide the theoretical basis and the methods of X-ray absorption intended as a local structure analysis tool. Trainees will learn fundamentals of EXAFS and they will become autonomous in EXAFS data analysis. This session is open for a maximum of 30 participants: researcher, undergraduate, post docs and PhD students. The school is aimed for beginners as well as those willing to refresh their knowledge. Lectures and tutorials are given in French.

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