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LUCIA is characterized by the production of a microfocused beam in the 0.8-8 keV energy range. The spatial stability of the beam spot over a wide spectral range enables elemental distribution studies by micro-fluorescence X-ray spectroscopy (µ-XRF) as well as elemental speciation by X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XANES and EXAFS) in heterogeneous samples.


New insights on aluminium corrosion layers for aircrafts’ preservation

Since the 1920’s, aluminium alloys have been widely used in the fields of transport and architecture.  Unfortunately, those alloys are very sensitive to the corrosion phenomenon. It is therefore paramount to fully understand those phenomena to preserve the important number of aluminium artefacts registered in museum collections, such as air and space museums. Scientists from the Research and Restauration Center of French Museums (C2RMF), PSL Research University, the Jean Lamour Institute (CNRS/Université de Lorraine) and the SOLEIL synchrotron used the LUCIA beamline’s X-ray to get new information about the components of those corrosion layers. [Full story]

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New insights on aluminium corrosion layers for aircrafts’ preservation

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- Evolution of iron oxidation state in serpentine during subduction

- Study of lettuce exposed to nanoparticles 

- Materials in extreme environments: Characterization of ion irradiation damages in nanolaminated ceramic

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