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By providing information on the structure of matter at scales varying between nanometer and micrometer, the beamline SWING will help answering the numerous questions related to soft condensed matter, conformation of macro-molecules in solution and composite materials in material sciences. This experimental set up will allow small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) and wide-angle X-ray scattering measurements (WAXS) to be performed simultaneously in the 5-17 keV energy range, as well as grazing incidence small angle scattering (GISAXS). Anomalous scattering experiments will be facilitated. Emphasis will be put on the variety of samples that can be studied, solutions, gels, amorphous solids, crystallised solids and the corresponding diversity of sample environments.

Technical data
Energy range   Between ~5 and 17 keV
Energy Resolution   ~2 eV
Source   In-vacuum U20 undulator.
Source Size (sigma, μm): 388 (H) x 8.1 (V)
Source Divergence (sigma, μrad): 14.5 (H) x 4.6 (V)
Optics   Diaphragm at 11.7 m (1x0.5 mm2)
Fixed exit DCM Si111at 20 m
Fixed incidence focusing KB at 22.5 m
Sample position : 30 - 32 m
Detector / Sample Distance : 0.5 – 8 m
Sample Environments   X / Z precision table
Stopped flow device for chemistry
Online HPLC for proteins in solution (SAXIER project)
High throughput sampler for proteins in solution (SAXIER project)
Couette Cell (collaboration with LPS, Orsay)
GISAXS chamber
Automatic sample changer (50 samples, thermostated)
Linkam heating stage THMS600

Beam size at sample   450x20 μm2 FWHM in the experimental hutch
Flux on sample   8.1012ph/s @7keV, 8.1011 ph/s @16keV (with 400 mA ring)
Detectors   SAXS : PCCD170170 (AVIEX), Gain > 3ADU/ph, Noise≈2ADU 
WAXS (2014) : Hybrid Pixel detector (Detector Group pool) 

Detection chamber   Under primary vacuum, SAXS detector positions :
- 0.20 / + 0. 20 m (horiz), -0.20 / +0.20 (vert), 0.5 m / +6 m (along X-rays).
Beamline Status : WAXS available in 2014
Javier Pérez
(Principal beamline Scientist)
Tel: +33(0)1-69 35 96 19
Aurélien Thureau
(Beamline Scientist)
Tel: +33(0)1-69 35 97 83
Pierre Roblin 
(INRA Engineer)
Tel: +33(0)1-69 35 81 56
Youssef Liatimi
(Beamline Technician)
Tel: +33(0)1-69 35 96 95
SWING Control Room

Tel: +33(0)1-69 35 97 53  
Synchrotron SOLEIL
L'Orme des Merisiers
Saint-Aubin - BP48
Tel: +33(0)1-69 35 96 21
Fax : +33-(0)1-69 35 94 56

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BioSAXS course - Javier Pérez

 Foxtrot Software (Data reduction and treatment)

Foxtrot Tutorial
Foxtrot F.A.Q.

 Denfert Software (Ab initio shape determination, including hydration layer)

Denfert F.A.Q

 Memprot Software (Coarse grain modeling of detergent corona around a membrane protein)