SOLEIL is also committed to contributing to the diffusion of scientific culture for everyone, and in particular in the academic sector. In this area, you will find free resources to aid you in the discovery of this Great Instrument, both a tool and a multidisciplinary research laboratory. Offered here are light, matter, magnetism, optics, waves, and all the areas of SOLEIL’s application in physics, chemistry, biology, technology, etc. If you are a teacher of humanities, philosophy, history/geography—contact us. Some resources are made especially for you and your students.

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Science Fair 2014  

We look forward to see you at the 23rd edition of the Fête de la Science. As we do every year, SOLEIL will be present at the gymnasium of Le Moulon (Gif-sur-Yvette), from the 10th to the 12th of October, in partnership with Île de Science.

On this occasion we will present a workshop focused on crystallography, with fancy rocks and an experiment of spontaneous crystallization.

Friday 10 is dedicated to classes (9:30am-4:30pm), but the gymnasium will be open to the public on Saturday 11 (2pm-6pm) and Sunday 12 (11am-6pm).

> The program is available.

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Exhibitions for free loan

Every year SOLEIL produces an exhibition whose theme responds, most often, to a request by an academic institution or a cultural mediation structure (library, multimedia center, association, etc). 

Des milliards de photons pour explorer la matière | Histoire du rayonnement synchrotron en Essonne | Les ondes du quotidien | Bienvenue dans l'infiniment petit 


teams during a visit. 
Duration: 3 hours/50 people maximum
Program: custom-tailored (conference + workshops + site tour + thematic discussion)
Minimum age: 12 years
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Teaching workshops

On site, we place at your disposal and lead 3 scientific and technical teaching workshops.  If you would like to know more, contact our teaching team.

Lumière/matière | Ondes et corpuscules | Magnétisme et électromagnétisme

Documentation to order for free

Brochures, teaching briefs, film, multimedia animations—these resources were made for you.  Do not hesitate to consult them and give us your feedback.


At SOLEIL, our researchers and engineers are at the heart of the availability of mediation.  For your TPE and TIPE, contact our teaching team, which will guide you in defining your subject and offer contacts at SOLEIL or in our partner laboratories.

A ne pas manquer...

SOLEIL est souvent sollicité pour participer à des évènements qui regroupent scientifiques et grand public. Ce lien peut être avec des associations, des centres de recherche, des universités, etc. qui s’impliquent dans une relation science et société.

 « Imagerie biomédicale, la vie en transparence »
Exposition au Musée des arts et métiers, Paris du 2 mai 2012 au 6 janvier 2013

Pendant huit mois, le Musée des arts et métiers ouvre ses portes au CNRS pour y présenter une exposition-dossier ouverte au grand public.



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SOLEIL est partenaire d'Elémentaire Publication de vulgarisation sur la physique des particules, Abonnez vous.


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