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SOLEIL Financial Assistance


By European Union



Up to 3 users from French institutions (without any regions distinction), in the framework of an accepted experiment by peer review committees, are subsidized for subsistence (guest house and meals at SOLEIL restaurant).                                                            

Financial support for transport applies only for users whose institutes are located outside Ile de France region.

Subsidized users are:

  • Users from outside Ile de France Region
  • At least one subsidized user from Ile de France Region institute

In case of guest house overbooking, subsidized users declared to have priority by the Main proposer, according to the above mentioned rule will be accommodated, by the travel office, in a hotel close to SOLEIL.

Visits to SOLEIL are reimbursed from one day before the dates allocated for the experiment, in order to allow experiment preparation and/or sample disposal.

SOLEIL does not reimburse users from industrial laboratories or from foreign institutions.



By European Union




The CALIPSOplus Consortium brings together 19 partners offering access to 14 synchrotrons and 8 FELs in Europa and the Middle East. The key aims of the project are as follows:

  • Improvement of trans-national cooperation and distribution of knowledge, in particular from countries with a highly developed scientific infrastructure to scientifically less active regions
  • Removing barriers for access to world-class accelerator-based lightsources in Europe and in the Middle East
  • Teaching new users how to successfully use synchrotrons and FELs.
  • Collaborating on constantly developing technology to keep the facilities at the cutting-edge
  • Tailor-made support and access programmes for SMEs

In the framework of the EU CALIPSOplus TransNational Access programme, SOLEIL provides limited financial support for users who participate to an experiment related to an accepted proposal by the SOLEIL Peer Review Committees.



from: September 11th, 2017

to: April 30th, 2021


Eligibility criteria

Reimbursement rules

Reimbursement procedure

Reporting requirement




You must satisfy the following two conditions:

  1. The Main proposer AND the majority of the participants must work in an institution established in a Member State of the European Union* or Associated State**.
  2. The Main proposer AND the majority of the participants must work in a country other than the country where the legal entity operating the infrastructure is established (France for SOLEIL).
* Researchers from institutes in the following countries may be supported: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.
** EU associated countries (H2020): Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina,Faroe Islands, FYR of Macedonia , Georgia, Iceland, Israel, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey, Switzerland, Ukraine
Not eligible to be refunded: Research Teams conducting their research in France and Research Teams from SOLEIL.



Two participants per project can be subsidized for subsistence expenses (nights at SOLEIL guest house and meals at SOLEIL canteen) and only if all eligibility criteria described above are met.

When a proposal is accepted and then scheduled by the beamline manager, the main proposer has to request accesses and to comply with three steps, no later than 3 weeks before the arrival, in SUN set (Proposal Management / Before experiment / Participants declarations):

  1. Selection of the samples to be brought for the beamtime session in the Samples TAB.
  2. Declaration of all participants in the Participants TAB : the Main Proposer identifies users who will receive a contribution from CALIPSOplus funding for their expenses, and mentions dates of arrival and departure
  3. Request of the appropriate support laboratory in Lab. Requests TAB.

Users supported by SOLEIL have priority to be accommodated in the Guest house (according to availabilities). In case of unavailability of the guest house, they will be accommodated in hotels booked by SOLEIL Travel Office.



SOLEIL covers expenses for nights at the guest house and meals at SOLEIL Canteen.

However, if it is justified according the delay of the journey, some additional meals can be reimbursed upon relevant documents.

If an original ticket is missing the user will not be reimbursed for the fees engaged.

An extension of the stay for personal reasons will not be supported by SOLEIL.


AFTER the experiment, the refund requests must be submitted to the SOLEIL travel Office by the user. The requests must be presented using the expenses Reimbursement ‘Form’ (available on SUN set). Please note that the reimbursement claims must be sent within 2 months after the experiment.

PLEASE, REMEMBER TO KEEP THE ORIGINALS OF ALL YOUR RECEIPTS AND INVOICES to attach to the form duly completed together with your Bank Coordinates.

Please mention at the verso of each document the project N°.

The following documents are not accepted as relevant documents:

- Copies

- Pro-forma invoices

- Invoice to a third party or to a legal entity

- Bank statements, …

- Credit card receipts, …



As recipient of financial support by the EU Commission via SOLEIL you must meet the EU reporting requirements:

- Please submit your End of Run Report (user feedback) via SUN set: Proposal Management / After experiment / End of run reports

- Please submit your Experimental Report three months after your experiment at the latest via SUN set: Proposal Management / After experiment / Exp report

- The project leader is requested to fill in the H2020 Research Infrastructures: User group questionnaire. The Number and Acronym of the EC Grant Agreement to indicate in field (1) is 730872 CALIPSOplus. The User Project Acronym to indicate in field (2) is SOLEIL-proposal ID



- Publication of research results in open access journals is strongly encouraged. In case of joint publications involving facility staff, open access publication is a requirement from the EU. CALIPSOplus offers financial support for gold open access publications. Upon a simple request to the project management, the full publication costs may be covered. More information are available at the CALIPSOplus project website.


- Acknowledge SOLEIL and the European Community in all publications (articles, posters, talks etc.) involving activities at SOLEIL if a reimbursement has been granted. Please include the following statements:

"Parts of this research were carried out at "beamline" at SOLEIL. We would like to thank N.N. for assistance during the experiment (if not co-author of the publication)"

"The research leading to this result has been supported by the project CALIPSOplus under the Grant Agreement 730872 from the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation HORIZON 2020"


- Register all your publications based on the results obtained in the frame of the supported project in the SOLEIL Publications Database accessible via SUN set: Proposal Management / After experiment / Publication