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SOLEIL is a source of the third generation type. This generation of synchrotrons was built in the 1990’s and is characterized by a synchrotron light emission all along the storage ring circumference, in the bending magnets – which bend the electrons trajectory – as well as in the straight sections equipped with the wigglers and the undulators. At SOLEIL, more than 42% of the storage ring circumference was reserved to these exceptional light sources called “The insertion devices”.

Storage Ring
Insertion devices
September 29, 2014
A milestone reached in the femto-slicing project

Finally approved late 2011 and launched in 2012, this project aims at generating X-ray pulses on a scale of a few dozens of femtoseconds (10-15 seconds) by interaction between a femtosecond laser and the synchrotron radiation. [Full story]

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Storage Ring

The storage ring characteristics condition part of the performance of the whole installation. SOLEIL storage ring is extremely compact and however reserves a very large part to the most powerful Light source. It was also conceived to satisfy all the categories of users, as well by the choice of the nominal energy of mahine operation as byt he two possible operating modes.

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SOLEIL machine is made up of 2 accelerators (a linear accelerator, the LINAC, and a circular one, the BOOSTER) and of a storage ring, a 354 m perimeter polygon - it accomodates the magnetic elements (dipoles and undulators) which bend the electrons trajectory. With each curve, then, the electrons lose energy, which produces synchrotron light.

Insertion devices

Third generation synchrotrons, such as SOLEIL, use magnetic devices called "undulators", which are inserted along the storage ring perimeter. They consist of sets of coils or permanent magnets juxtaposed along two jaws which force the electrons into an undulated movement. With each undulation, the electron bunches emit a thin beam of coherent light. 

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