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Satellite Workshop: 

"INRA-SOLEIL: the synchrotron approach in agriculture, food and environment sciences"

January 21st, 2015 at Synchrotron SOLEIL


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"INRA-SOLEIL: the synchrotron approach in agriculture, food and environment sciences"  


INRA and SOLEIL synchrotron facility have undertook and maintained a fruitful partnership since 2006.  A one- day meeting entitled « INRA-SOLEIL: the synchrotron approach in agriculture, food and environment sciences » will be held on Tuesday 21st of January 2015, as a satellite of the 10th SOLEIL User’s Meeting.

The SOLEIL synchrotron radiation beamlines and especially those more dedicated to biology provide a unique experimental environment allowing to combine complementary experiment approaches.  Synchrotron radiation offers the possibility to probe matter from the atomic ,and  molecular scale  up to the cellular and tissue level.  Societal questions such as sustainable development, food, environment, and animal health are addressed through these researches.

The meeting is opened to the wide scientific community, fees-free and aims at presenting the ongoing status of these themes , in relation with the beamlines involved.

The INRA-SOLEIL meeting will be opened jointly by the SOLEIL CEO Jean Daillant and by the INRA Deputy CEO Olivier Le Gall.

The day will be structured around a dozen of plenary invited conferences devoted to the main themes identified and will aim at illustrating the complementarity of the existing and future beamlines..  A session will be dedicated to novel opportunities at SOLEIL for life science.