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SOLEIL Company Contents / Statutes and partners

SOLEIL is managed as part of a French public company.  The members of the SOLEIL Synchrotron company are the CNRS and the CEA.  The company is open to French and foreign partners.  The Ile de France region, the General Council of Essonne, and, more recently, the Center region, desired to contribute to the project and are essential partners.

The statutes of the public company SOLEIL Synchrotron were signed on October 16, 2001 by the Director General of the CNRS and the Administrator General of the CEA.  The company is registered with the clerk of the Business Court of Evry, Essonne.

The Board

The board of SOLEIL is composed of:

  • 3 CNRS representatives:
    Bertrand GIRARD, Director of the Department of Physical Sciences and Mathematics (President); 
    Gilberte CHAMBAUD, Director of the Department of Chemistry;
    Frédéric DARDEL, Director of the Department of Life Sciences; 
  • 3 CEA representatives:
    Jean-Paul DURAUD, Adjunct Director of the Board of Material Sciences (Vice-President);
    Edwige BONNEVIE, Adjunct Director of Military Applications Management;
    Jean-Claude PETIT, Director of Strategy and Evaluation Management.

It is joined by other experts and may invite on a temporary or permanent basis representatives of external organizations or entities.  The Board is also supported by several Committees that formulate opinions or recommendations in different areas: the Scientific Committee, the Machine Committee, the Financial and Administrative Committee, and the Contracts and Purchasing Committee.

The Ile-de-France Region and the General Council of l’Essonne, essential partners

The Ile-de-France region and the General Council of Essonne have chosen to participate in the creation of SOLEIL; an agreement between these collectives, the state (represented by the Minister of Research), the CNRS, the CEA, and SOLEIL, was signed on February 5, 2002.  It distributes the details of participation of these collectives, guaranteeing their control over the management of the funds made available by them to SOLEIL for researchers and students in the region, for local businesses, and for the information of the greater public and the academic public. 
Measures in this area have already been taken, such as the establishment of a welcome and communications center on the site.


The regional collectives of Ile-de-France contribute financially to the project by financing the construction of SOLEIL to the tune of 182.9 million € (million euros); 148.6 for the Region and 34.3 for the General Council.

February 5, 2002: signature ceremony for the Ile-de-France region/state/SOLEIL agreement

The Center Region, another SOLEIL partner

With SOLEIL seeming to be a research instrument particularly suited to the needs of numerous public laboratories, the Center region has confirmed its desire to participate via the investment of three lightbeams, in the amount of 5.2 million euros.  The Center region will participate in the creation of a lightbeam mainly dedicated to the science of the living, the adaptation of a lightbeam planned for material science, and the optimization of an existing lightbeam in the current LURE facility. 

SLS, a new collaboration

A general cooperation agreement in the area of synchrotron lightbeam sources was signed on June 18, 2002 between the CNRS, the CEA, the Council of Federal Polytechnic schools (Switzerland), the Institute Paul Scherrer (Switzerland), and SOLEIL.  This agreement is aimed at promoting collaboration between scientists within and round LURE, the SLS (Swiss source of synchrotron lightbeams), and SOLEIL synchrotron, in particular for the conception and use of new lightbeams.  It is in this context that the future SOLEIL micro-absorption X beam will be installed and used beginning at the end of 2003 on the Swiss synchrotron, then reintegrated with SOLEIL in 2008.

Other partners

Universities, collaborations that become ever closer:

  • Numerous contracts reached with universities are beginning to bear fruit, notably the signature of the agreement with the University Pierre and Marie Curie on September 8, 2004 and with Universities of Versailles of St Quentin in Yvelines on December 17, 2004. There are also agreements signed with the Universities of Paris-Sud, Cergy-Pontoise, Montpellier II, Rennes Métropole... .

SOLEIL is also actively seeking to establish close bonds with numerous laboratories and institutions, some of which have already been formalized via specific agreements (notably the Laboratory of Photo-Molecular Photophysics, the Laboratory of the Physics of Solids, the Institute of the Chemistry of natural substances, the École Polytechnique, Thales-RT, the Louvre Museum, the Pasteur Institute, the Francilian Federation of Material Mechanics, etc.).



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