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The SOLEIL synchrotron, inaugurated on December 18, 2006, brings together the whole French and international scientific community around its high-technology infrastuctures. After 5 years of construction and development, the facility is open since 2008 to researchers in various disciplines, who use the highest-performing techniques to study matter, its geometry, its chemical, magnetic, and electric properties. - SOLEIL by Yves COPPENS

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Statutes and partners

On October 16, 2001, the CNRS and the CEA created the public company SOLEIL Synchrotron, called to lead the construction and then the operation of SOLEIL.  They hold 72% and 28%, respectively, of its shares.  Alongside them, the Ile de France region and the General Council of l’Essonne have insured nearly 80% of investments.  The central region is also a SOLEIL partner.



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SOLEIL’s financing has been ensured in large part by its regional partners.  Responsibility for its operation falls under the charge of its two shareholders, the CNRS and the CEA.  User hosting is also the object of a special European Community financing program.

SOLEIL staff

SOLEIL’s staff will eventually be comprised of 357 permanent independent employees provided by organizations (CEA, CNRS, universities) or directly recruited by SOLEIL. Thesis students, doctoral students, and post-doctoral students will also participate in research programs, including those in the field of accelerators.
80% of the staff will have scientific or technical vocations and 20% will work in administrative or managerial capacities.

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Employment and tenders

SOLEIL is autonomous for the procurement of contracts and the recruitment of teams.  You will find employment opportunities and open markets in the pages linked below.

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Become a SOLEIL researcher

80% of SOLEIL’s employees have scientific or technical vocations.  It is also possible to be associated with SOLEIL via several partners.  If you would like to join us, contact the “Experience” department.

Come to SOLEIL

The site is located at l'Orme des Merisiers, in the community of Saint-Aubin.  But how do you find SOLEIL synchrotron?



L'Orme des Merisiers 
Saint Aubin - BP 48 
91 192 Gif sur Yvette CEDEX

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