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SEXTANTS beamline is dedicated to the study of magnetic and electronics properties of solids by polarized soft x-ray elastic and inelastic scattering. The beamline cover the energy range from 50 - 1800 eV (optimized from 70 to 1200eV)


April 2016: Status of AERHA RIXS Spectrometer

Dec 2014:COMET Instrument

Nov 2013: Status of AERHA RIXS Spectrometer

April 2011: Measured Flux at the sample position for the RIXS spectrometer

2011: Commissioning experience CXI-FTH

June 2010: First beamline commissioning





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Beamline description

The SEXTANTS beamline offers three experimental technics of soft x-ray scattering:

- Inelastic scattering (IXS)/ Resonant Inelastic x-ray Scattering (RIXS)

- Magnetic x-ray resonant scattering (XRMS)

- Imaging by coherent scattering (CXI) and by x-ray Fourier Transform Holography (FTH)

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Practicals Informations for Users


The SEXTANTS beamline is open to users since April 2011. For more details please contact the beamline staff.


Science at SEXTANTS

Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering | X-ray Resonant Magnetic Scattering | Lensless X-ray Microscopy via Scattering of Coherent X-rays


Actualités : Imagerie magnétique par holographie X : les atouts de la polarisation linéaire…



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